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Is your house cleaning all finished? Are you planning what to have for Thanksgiving dinner and when each chore will get done?

Marsha was home over the weekend, the last until Thanksgiving. I work up until the very last day so we have it all arranged. She is to be my shopper on Wednesday. This is good experience for her and she enjoys doing it too.

We expect to have the pleasure of our daughter Ruth (the Gilsons) and family here from Ohio. Davie's folks. They haven't been here since early Spring so we all look forward to their coming. We hope it doesn't snow.

We had a nice surprise last week. The Dayton Nichols from N.Y. State stopped soon after I came home from school on Friday. It was a joy to have them at least stay for dinner, but they insisted they had to be journeying on that night to a further destination. We are so happy his operation is an apparent success. We hope for him a complete recovery.

The following evening we got a glimpse of them again when we all attended the Stewartstown (Early American) Banquet.

This was quite a Gala affair as in other years. The food was plentiful and delicious. We en loved seeing our many friends once more.

Last night we got lost and arrived a little late but we ate another delicious meal and had a very entertaining evening with the Rough and Tumble Group (Lancaster County, Pa.). We had never been to this particular Restaurant and it was dark. We read the signs backwards (you try that sometime) We had to retrace our tracks several miles. It was all worth our effort. Then too I never had the pleasure of so many people singing 'Happy Birthday' to me. Thanks!

I missed seeing the Petersons from Florida this week. Shucks! My hubby had a short visit with them in our home while I was at work. Hope they stop again when I am here.

This week has been a very busy one for me On Tue.. I helped with our church supper, Thursday I entertained my Sunday School class at home. So my week has been a full one climaxing it with a visit from our Gal and the Banquet. Elmer preached in his old home church as the pastor was in the Hospital. Davie and I took Marsha back to school. You see we don't let much grass grow under anybody's feet here.

Have a pleasant. and Blessed Holiday each and every one of you, plus a wonderful New Year.