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Hi, Ladies,

Isn't this lovely weather we are having? It really makes one feel like doing things outside. There just aren't enough hours or energy to do all.

My house needs attention and I'd much rather be outdoors after school.

Thank goodness there are only twenty-five days left in this term. We teachers get feeling just like our children when it goes that long into the year. Although this semester I've had a very pleasant experience. I've had a young lady, Miss Jo Ann Emanuel, a senior from a Teachers College close by sent to do her student teaching in my room. I'm what they called a cooperative teacher. A representative from the college comes three different times for about an hour to observe her teaching. Between the two of us, we grade her work in the room.

She has proven herself to be a very efficient and excellent teacher. It's been a most profitable and delightful time for both of us.

Her first several weeks here she just observed me, and then gradually took on more of my chores and duties as the days progressed. Now she is teaching the entire day. This enables me to write of work on reports which ordinarily I'd have to find time to do outside of school.

We had the unexpected privilege of having a visit from The Elmer Scheaffers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hope, and Mr. and Mrs. William Clem with daughter, several weeks ago. It was so nice to see them again.

We are sorry to lose our wonderful secretary, Anna Mae, as a full time employee, but we are most happy and thankful that she has recovered enough to be home with her family and take some part in our magazine activities.

Then, too, we are most happy and fortunate in obtaining a very sweet, capable, Christian young woman to learn this business which Anna Mae had done.

With the aid of Elmer and Mrs. Janet Mundis, who assisted Anna Mae, Mrs. Kitty Snell is beginning to learn very readily. Her hubby, Earl, is most interested too in the hobby. So, I think you'll be meeting them at some reunion this summer with their two children, Ricky and Kathy, six and four years old.

Can't you just smell the smoke now? Am looking forward to seeing you soon.