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Have you fully recovered from your Holiday rush? We just about have gotten to normal. But Oh! wasn't it wonderful and so much fun? I just love the spirit one gets at this time of the year. As I have heard said so often by others, 'if only we could keep this marvelous attitude and feeling towards one another the year round this world would surely be different.' But we are only poor, weak individuals with our shortcomings of humans so life goes on in its annual cycles.

We had such beautiful decorations in our different communities here the east. One in particular we visited with hundreds of other sightseers was on a farm. I understand the gentleman is a grandfather who doesn't have his own children near enough to share his Christmas, so he has tried to brighten other children' hearts by his decorations on his farm grounds. As you entered huge lighted stars along the road led you into the lane. There were quite large figures in a Nativity scene on the lawn.

His home itself was covered in front with lights and forms of carolers dressed in old style at the porch, standing.

The surroundings were divided into sections depicting the celebration of Christmas in different countries, such as Holland, India, and South America. Another spot was given to forms of Elves helping Santa Claus.

There was a miniature train with a station where children may get on and take a ride, as well as Merry-Go-Round for them.

A Wishing Well was placed near by where one could drop in any voluntary contribution he wishes to make. This contribution went to a Crippled Children's Hospital or fund.

It surely was a lovely thing! Wish you could have seen it.

We wish to thank you all for your many, many kind remembrances of cards and notes. We are truly sorry we couldn't begin to answer them, but they were greatly appreciated by Elmer and me.

Marsha and I have both been back in the school room a week already. It doesn't seem possible. The children have settled down and working like little troopers as well as the teachers. So the vacation was just what we all needed to make us better individuals, I guess.

If the coming weeks go as quickly as this one the bluebirds will be here before we know it and we shall be enjoying the company of each other at the Reunions.