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Isn't it nice to see the Crocuses and Violets appearing? It's not only because it means that we won't be needing our snow shovels much longer but that we will soon be getting together for our Reunions.

I just love this time of the year when rebirth seems to come in everything. Even our 'creaky old bodies' take on more vigor and vitality.

Of course, these new Easter Bonnets the women are sporting this season really should perk up the men as well as the women just by looking at the gay colors.

It's only because of our mutual interest in our Hobby that we, as a family, were given a wonderful surprise last month. On Marsha's fifteenth birthday her friend, Verda Jane Idol, of North Carolina, called her on the phone. It not only thrilled her but Elmer and me too, as the adults also exchanged a few words. Gee, such lovely folks to be so kind to remember and call from such a distance!

We have a few less than 60 days to spend in our School year. Just finished our attendance report that's how I know. It doesn't seem possible!

Our household is quite busy getting ready for Spring Band and Choral Concerts, Operettas, along with Church activities for Easter. There aren't many dull moments but we are having fun. Elmer and I enjoy attending the School functions of the children.

Thanks for the contributions Ladies! Don't be discouraged or disappointed if they should not appear at this time. They will be in future issues.