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Hi Ladies!

How are you all feeling these Spring Days? Isn't it nice to see the bare ground once more? Maybe we haven't appreciated our other seasons enough so this is one way the Good Man makes us realize we need one to enjoy the other. We wouldn't be human if we were satisfied.

We had an enjoyable experience last weekend, especially for me. We went up State a little over 100 miles to my Alma Mater to visit as a possibility for our Junior in High School to look over and consider in furthering her education in another year. Being North that far we saw quite a bit of snow lieing in the mountains.

There were remaining only several of the faculty that were there when I attended and oh the lovely new buildings!

There were enough of the old familiar surroundings left that I could recall delightful memories.

It's quite an exciting time here in our household pondering over the pros and cons of these advantages and disadvantages of different occupations and training.

I wouldn't like to gamble on anyone just yet. One day it's one decision the next day it's another choice.

Perhaps this is what's keeping Elmer and I both young at heart-at least.

The Elmer Shaffers stopped for a short visit last week. They brought news of their coming Reunion this Summer to be published. So it won't be long before we will be seeing you all again in person.

Since the weather has kept us all pretty much 'to home' this Winter it will be a very very welcome change.

Until then, don't work too hard-