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All material for the next issue of the magazine (July-August) should be in our office no later than May 1, 1973.

Are you beginning to smell the smoke? If you aren't, just be patient! It can't be too much longer to wait for our Reunions.

It is the second week of March as I write this. Our flowers have surely shown their heads this week, some even look like they'd bloom any day. It has been delightfully warm and pleasant here.

All these signs add anxiety to your anticipation for the coming summer's pleasures, I know.

Titus Brubaker of Lancaster, Pa. is recovering nicely from a stroke he had this winter. Thought perhaps some of you fellows didn't know and would like to send him a card. May his progress continue.

Mr. Gilbert Snyder of Barberton, Ohio wrote the following suggestion to us. Thought I'd pass it on to you writers and workers at the Reunions and you could take them for what they're worth 'In the September-October 1972 issue there is a whole page ad of a reunion (or show) at Akron Flats. Now, just what state is that in? To the man on a vacation trip this could mean a lot. Some time ago I found an ad in your classified section that did not have the name of the state. This means well, need I say more? Now, I don't mean to be fussy and hope you will accept this as constructive criticism and make a good magazine better.

May I also suggest that a card be placed on each engine, steam or gas, and tractor stating when they will be in operation. This would be a great help to the guest. And, if it is not in condition to operate, this should be stated on the card.'

Mrs. Leslie Sorrell from Route 1, Eldorado, Ohio 45321 recently wrote about her subscribing to both of our magazines as a gift for her son. 'He's enjoying them very much,' she said. 'They have so many interesting pictures and also lots of good reading. My son is very much interested in steam shows and old farm machinery. We have an old gasoline engine which he hopes to restore. We are both collecting old post cards of old farm tractors, old steam engines, other old farm machinery and old harvesting scenes. We would like to hear from anyone else who has this same hobby.'

A thoughtful 86 year old engineer subscriber, S. J. Arnold from Orlando, Florida sent Anna Mae and me each a peach blossom. He said it was 80 degrees that afternoon. They had not had a killing cold front all winter. Their lawn and flowers were in full bloom. Doesn't it sound wonderful? Thanks, Mr. Arnold!

Mr. Harold R. Hart, Route 2, Boonville, Indiana 47601 would like to know what year his Advance Thresher Company Model 12249 steam engine was made. Can anyone help him?

Here are three more gentlemen's notes telling us of getting the magazine from when it first startedJ. Rex Haver, 643 Bellefonte Avenue, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745I have been a subscriber of the Iron-Men Album since away back when it was the Farm Album. I have all my copies and enjoy reading them very much.

Arthur L. Heiland, R. R. 1, Anna, Ohio 45302-I thought I would write to let you know I have been a subscriber to your magazine from the first copy up till now. I have all the magazines in my files. I have always looked forward to getting the magazine and have read and reread all of them as I like to read what is in the magazine and to see what other steam men are doing or have done during their lifetime.

Bruce McCourtney, Syracuse, Nebraska 68446I too have all the copies from the beginning including the Farm Album, so you see, I just can't afford to miss any copies now. I have enjoyed every one of them.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Rev. Elmer Ritzman at one of Leroy Blaker's shows at Alvordton, Ohio in the late 40s or 1950.

I am 66 years old and we have had steam engines in my family long before I was born and ever since. I now have a 50 Case, a 16-48 Russell and a 2-ton model rear mount, single cylinder Gaar Scott. They are all in A-l condition. My 12 year old grandson is very handy with any of them. My grandson is Merk Penkava and is half Czech and and Irish and half steam.

We use the little engine in parades quite a lot. He watches these engines like a hawk the water gauge, the draft lid, oil pump, grease cups, oil holes and everything.

In closing, I'd like to quote General Jimmy Doolittle which I found in a Guide Post. 'If a man leaves the earth a better place than he found it, then his life has been worthwhile. It doesn't matter what form this service takes. You can build a bridge, write a poem, or paint a picture.'

May I add, ''Enjoy someone else's efforts and appreciate a steam show or teach the principles of steam and its values to others.' My hubby also felt about life in just this manner and so do I.

Keep up your steam, Fellows, for many years to come.