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Hasn't it been hot? I think it seemed doubly so, since I had to go back to work this week to my 31 cherubs fully clad, after enjoying a carefree summer's activities and dress.

Shucks! How I envy you all who are able to be free to go to these reunions

I'll tell you, it is real love and only love that I allow my husband to be away a whole month without me. o I do miss him terribly, but you all have such a wonderful time at your affairs, that I can't blame him for doing it when possible.

The Kinzer Reunion is surely getting bigger and better each year.

I thought this would be my last fling this season, but Anna Mae and I are planning to take our children up to Williams Grove to see what they have there. Since they are a new group starting, we surely wish for them the best.

I read my new P.S.E.A. Journal and found something I enjoyed. I'm going to try to remember and live by it a little more closely this year. Maybe you too would appreciate it's thoughts and suggestion, the title, 'How's Your Social Arithmetic?'

The human equation calls for social mathematics. When you add confidence to a person, you subtract failure and frustration. Multiply courtesy anywhere, the product is cooperation. Subtract selfishness and conceit, and the remainder is appreciation and loyalty. Add good will to a person and you multiply success. Multiply enthusiasm wherever you are and you not only divide your difficulties but add esprit de corps.