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Summer is supposed to be about over but until yesterday, I wonder, Don't you? It has been terrific trying to keep little folks interested while in school. It is a beautiful and typical Fall day here today and it sure helps one to move faster.

Last nite Elmer and I had a drive down into York Co., on business which we thoroughly enjoyed. The country side is beginning to take on the Autumn look of beauty. Isn't nature a wonderful thing? How true it is as the poem says, 'Only God can make a tree'.

Along with this same trend of thought we who have eyes to see such beauty seldom appreciate our blessings of having this opportunity.

I thought I did until these past two weeks experience. I now have a little 8 year old blind boy in my classroom with 33 other children. He is normal in every other way and so jolly. He wants to be very independent and is so as much as is humanly possible. He uses Braille to write. But Oh, to see him learn his way about the room, building and playground makes ones heart ache and at the same time admire his 'Spunk'.

It has all been such a new experience for me that it has had me a little baffled. I just hope with the 'Good Man's help I'm big enough to give him the help he needs to build a happy and useful life.

It is so wonderful to have my hubby home again, to fight with. My trials away from home are much easier to take if I can come home and unload on a considerate partner, poor guy.

While he was gone I found a new recipe to use that I thought might make him happy and you might like to try it on your better half too.

1 Cups of Flour
1 Teaspoons of Sugar
Teaspoon Salt
Sift into pie pan
Cup Veg. Oil
2 Tablespoons Cold Milk
Stir into dry ingredients, press into
pie pan, flake edges and bake at 425.

2 Cups Flour
2  Cups Sugar
Cup of Oil
3  Cups Milk

We had a representative at Williams Grove Reunion. Marsha and I went up several days to enjoy the activities, since Elmer was out West. It surely is growing and outstanding for a young show. Good luck, keep it going!

Elmer and I expect to visit the Maryland Reunion next Saturday, just for the day. Mrs. Elmer Shaffer is going to represent the Album since we can't be there the whole time. We wish them the best of everything.