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Thank you, each and every one, for the fine cooperation and encouragement you've given me during these summer months.

So many of you wonderful folks have written such understanding messages to me, I cannot begin to mention names. I may leave out one and I certainly wouldn't wish this to happen.

We 'goofed' on the dates for the Blue Grass Steam & Gas Engine Assn. They sent us the dates and then a few days later sent us a letter to change them. Because our Secretary left us just at this time and it had already gone to the printers, it was not corrected, thus they appeared differently in ad and Comings. Sorry for this and hope we didn't inconvenience anyone too much. Next year we surely will try to do better.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Egan and daughter, Noel, from Mechanicsburg, drove me down to Eastern Shore Show in Maryland for just Sunday. I had not been there for several years. They surely have grown bigger and better with time. It was well worth our trip.

Mrs. Jimmy Layton made me feel especially good. I had cancelled out going with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schaefer for entire show since they weren't coming home until Monday. This was when our new Secretary, Mrs. Graffius, was to start in here at the office. I felt I wanted to be here for Monday. In the meanwhile, the Egan Family offered to go with me and we'd come back Sunday night. Mrs. Layton heard I wasn't coming with Schaefers so she called to see if I was ill. These are the kind of folks you meet from down there so gracious and thoughtful. It isn't any wonder their show is progressing. They treat everyone the same way. Thanks!

I was able to attend Kinzers in Lancaster County all three days and what big three days! I never saw so many people for the entire period. I'm sure it was the biggest and most successful show ever for them. Mrs. Elmer Schaefer was there to take care of business with me which was a big help.

The youngest steam engine enthusiast from the Everett Young family put in his appearance at the show with his proud Mother and Father. He was a dear, too. Mrs. Schaefer even pinned a button on him. I'm sure if his Grandfather, Arthur Young, was looking down from Heaven, he was enjoying the gesture. You know he was the founder of this particular show.

Mrs. F. L. Williams from Sebastopol, California had written soon after Elmer's passing and told me of her hubby's bad luck last January. He was severely burned while working in his shop. He had gotten along well enough to come home but still needed care. I wrote this since some of you may know of them and wish to write. Sorry they couldn't go to the shows in mid-west as they had planned. I haven't heard recently, but sincerely hope he has continued to improve.

Last week started the Williams Grove Show. I wasn't able to get over but I expect to spend Saturday there. Our Gilson family from Ohio are coming for the week-end and they'll enjoy it with me.

Our office staff is all back from vacations and well trained now, so I'm sure they can carry on during the day very well without me.

By the time you read this I will have been back in the class room with my cherubs thinking of Santa.

I've prayed for help and guidance and I certainly have received it.

Only by working in the office every day this summer did I realize how much help you folks are who represent our shows. Without this effort and time on your part, we could not continue to grow. Again, I wish I could take the liberty to mention names, but I'm so afraid I'd miss one of you. This would not be done intentionally and I'd surely hurt someone.

I'll just say a Sincere Thanks for a job well done this season to each one.

Haven't been up to visit Mrs. Wm. Strayer, but inquired and by the grapevine have heard she is home and progressing slowly. This is wonderful. Our prayers go out to her and the family.

May each of you Readers have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!