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Hi Ladies!

Here we are already with a big reunion experience all over at Wauseon, Ohio, and it was just that, a big one, in more ways than one.

The 25 years sure brought progress and success. Of course under the capable leadership of Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Blaker was almost certain to be such. Congratulations to both of them for a fine and hard job well done.

Mrs. Catherine Enders, widow of Gilbert, from West Lodi, came on Saturday, it was such a nice surprise to see her. She is one sweet, gracious lady. We had many happy moments in their home. May the loneliness she is experiencing now slip quickly away and may she find peace and happiness in the near future.

Mrs. Fern Bloom, another fine widow, of a steam engine enthusiast, was present. She looked wonderful and it was so good to see her once more.

In fact it was a joy to see all of our old friends again from the Western section of our country. We seldom see them except by going to Ohio. Each year we always meet new ones which is always most interesting.

We were sorry we could not accept the invitation of our friends, Mr. & Mrs. Amos Brandt, to visit the Huber factory in Marion, Ohio. She has called us since we are home and told us they were showered with delightful hospitality and it was a rewarding experience. Too bad we had to miss it.

We returned home just in time to give our daughter last minute help in packing, for her trip to Europe. Marsha left Saturday for a three week visit of nine different countries. I think Elmer and I was almost as thrilled as she in anticipation. I still have to pinch myself to realize our own gal saved enough pennies all Winter plus had the initiative to take such a voyage. She and her roommate from college went with a regularly planned tour. On to be young again.

 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartwig, of Flint, Michigan paid us an unexpected but pleasant visit this past week. They had been to Kinzer and other places of interest in this vicinity. We were happy 'they looked us up'. Hope we didn't disappoint them in their efforts. Sorry Elmer had to be out with his secretary at the time on business and did not get to meet them.

Mr. Hartwig has contributed a number of times to the magazines with articles and pictures, for this we are most grateful.

Only because of the magazines were we given the happy occasion of visits of nearby visitors, Mr. & Mrs. John Baish, who live in Mechanicsburg, Penna. They take the magazine and were interested enough to stop and get acquainted. For this sort of experience we are always glad.

Mr. Dwayne Croyle from another town nearby, Camp Hill, brought his father, Mr. Lloyd S. Croyle to see us. He lives in Hollsopple, Penna. and was visiting his son. The older gentleman takes the magazine and wanted to see from where it came. It was nice to meet both of them.

Gladys and Dayton Nichols of Stafford, N.Y. stopped over Memorial Day week-end and had coffee and doughnuts with us for Sunday morning breakfast before starting back home. It is always good to be with them.

Sorry I was out when Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Brown of Plant City, Florida stopped to see us on their way to New York to spend the summer. Elmer at least got to say Hello to them. We hope to see them at the New York show.

Hope to see you at a Reunion in the next few weeks.

'To Expect the best of life to occur when you are past seventy is a hopeless wish, in my opinion.'