EARLENE The School Marm SAYS


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Do you have your handiwork about finished to take to the Reunion ? It certainly won't be long before we see each other again.

I Wish you all could see the nice pretty little white church at which Elmer now serves. To begin with, to get there we must travel out into a rural section. It is lovely. The road is winding and in many sections only the birds see us pass. The trees are blossoming and the grass is sparkling with dew in the early morning sun.

A small old cemetery adjoins the church building. I must confess, last night when I was supposed to be listening to my husband's sermon a bluebird distracted my interest. I had a view of him through the open window from where I was sitting, and he surely could sing!

Of course the trip to it, the building itself, its surroundings after you arrive are not the entire pleasant part of his job. The folks, themselves, are the finest kind you could find anywhere. We are really just beginning to feel we know some of them. Our Winter was so snowy it prevented us from traveling over there any oftener than really necessary. Now we are looking forward to a full year with them.

We had a very nice Mother and Daughter Banquet last week, about 60 attended. Next month, they say, they will hold a Father and Son Banquet, which tells you what fine cooperation and feeling exists between the members young and old alike.

Our Conference meets this week in Philadelphia and we expect to attend. Elmer has more or less been told that he may serve them here again. For this we are all three most grateful. We all enjoy their wonderful fellowship and spirit.

I just finished our last service for the year here in Enola with our Cherub Choir. I had between 15 and 20 First and Fourth Graders every Tuesday night for an hour rehearsal. We sang once a month in the Church Service. They wore long red skirts with white tops fastened at the neck with red ribbons. They were cute and did do a fine job (not all because of my training). The fine cooperation of the parents in helping them learn the words and seeing that they were transported to the church from their homes at proper times was most necessary.

Marsha and I (as well as Elmer) are looking forward to seeing you this Summer.