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Hi Ladies!

Well the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over for another year but isn't it wonderful? I just love every minute. It's just too bad the wonderful feeling existing at that time doesn't continue among fellowmen throughout the year.

Marsha had a nice long vacation to spend at home with us which started before the Holidays. It was not only a joy to have her around, but I don't know how I would have gotten ready for Santa without her. I taught up until the day before Christmas thus I had to do all my preparing at night or over week-ends.

The wonderful Christian family of David Egan, R. D. # 1, Mechanics-burg, Pa. invited us for Christmas dinner. It was a most delightful experience. They have two daughters going to College. Connie is a senior at Allegheny and Noel is a freshman. Need to say our girls always have a lot in common and enjoy themselves. Other years I have always had my family here so thanks to them our Christmas was unforgettable and appreciated in many ways.

Our grandson, Davie, went home, of course, in Ohio. We had the thrill of seeing him take off in the wide blue yonder in a plane. Since it is quite new experience for any of us we couldn't help but say an extra prayer. It was answered. He arrived and returned safely to us.

Our Dist, Supt, Rev. Martin Hopkins, and his charming wife, Betty, shared a few hours with us around the supper table last week. They are so down to earth but interesting folks with which to visit. It was indeed our pleasure to have them in our home.

We were surprised one morning at seven when the phone rang and a voice asked how to get to our place. In a few minutes Mr. and Mrs. Elias Beiler and Mr. and Mrs. John Fenninger all of Leola, Pa., called and took a Gas Engine Magazine subscription. They were in a hurry to go to Mansfield, Pa. I had to get ready for school and could only greet them. It was at least a nice surprise and pleasure just sorry I didn't have more time to visit with them.

Mr. John Shannon, 449 College St., Carlisle, Pa. paid Elmer a visit and as always Elmer enjoyed his stay.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kauffman of Mt. Joy, Pa. gave us a surprise visit also last week. John made Elmer a Chaff Piler thresher and a sweep horse power. Miniature of course. You should see the new light in that boy's eyes.

Now that the New Year is upon us may you all have the best one yet Prosperity, Health, and Happiness.