EARLENE The school Marm Says


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Right now with the heat wave we're having it doesn't seem I should be writing for a Winter issue. Old man weather plays tricks on us at times.

Reunions are soon coming to an end for this season. Sincerely hope you were able to attend some and had an enjoyable time.

Sorry we weren't able to see more of you, but we were fortunate in at least getting to Williams Grove for a short time. It was quite nice. Of course my hubby was certainly helped by just those few minutes of observing engines and smelling the smoke.

It was his 82nd birthday on Sept. 5 so his daughter, Ruth, her husband, Dave, and their son, Ron Gilson, were here for the week-end and helped us take the adventure. We're very grateful to them.

In the evening, Irene and her better half, Gus, Anna Mae and son, 6 year old, Tommy, close friends, Dr. and Mrs. Alexander, my sister, Charlotte and her hubby, William Yontz dropped in for cake and coffee to end the big day.

I was able to spend one day at Kinzer, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I went to help Mrs. Elmer Schaefer with our business on Friday. Irene then went down Saturday. The way the news came home I had the better day for pleasure. Pauline really didn't need me but made good use of Irene.

It was so nice seeing old friends again from afar and making new ones such as Mrs. Frank Warnock from Peoria Heights, Illinois. Elmer knew her husband from years back, but this is the first I had the pleasure of really knowing her.

Mrs. Warnock found it was a pleasure too. This was her first show she had attended that she really enjoyed. She says she is coming back next year.

It was nice of them to stop by here on the way home to see Elmer. He appreciated it.

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Hoffer from Toledo, Ohio, also gave us the same pleasure by visiting with us the Sunday after Kinzer show.

We are so happy Amos Brandt is feeling better. Sorry he had to miss Kinzer but glad they could get to Williams Grove.

I was not around here when this magazine was started twenty-five years ago, but I sure have gotten involved for the past 16 years by marrying the editor.

It has been his baby. Even though he's my hubby, I must in all sincerity say, 'Congratulations for a job well done.' I have reaped many rewards from his efforts as well as he. I feel very proud that he has included me in his plans. We have been very fortunate through the years to have most conscientious co-workers or we could not possibly have been so successful. We do appreciate everyone's efforts, especially now that Elmer can't be as active. Everyone has been most cooperative and helpful. I won't mention any names for fear I may miss one. Each and everyone is a value in his way to us. THANKS TO ALL!

It was nice to hear from the Pontiac, Illinois, folks this year also. Thanks for all your cooperation and thoughtfulness.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.