Getz Calliope

Courtesy of Mrs. E. W. Schaefer, Sec, 263 W. George St., Yoe, Pa. Mrs. Lorena Miller at keyboard of Calliope - Irwin Hoffman explaining. This is a Getz Calliope. Photo by Art Crafts.

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Sec. 263 W. George St., Yoe, Penna.

The eighth Annual Steam-O-Rama sponsored by the Early American Steam Engine Society was held July 22, 23 and 24 at Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.

We received many favorable comments, both oral and written, that this was the best show society ever held. There were many very interesting displays and exhibits, all depicting some of the methods of farming and sawing of yesteryear.

There were 14 steam engines, 6 oil pulls and 12 gas tractors. In 'Gasoline Alley', there were approximately 115 gas engines, every one in running order. The steam table under the supervision of C. K. Longenderfer is creating more interest. This year a few more brought their small steam models. Some of the models were run by air.

The main attraction was the completed calliope by the Getz brothers of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This past year, Mr. Noah Getz installed a fuel oil burner and boiler on the truck bed and encased it, similar to a van. The center part is open on both sides to expose the calliope, in fact, it has the appearance of a stage. Since the boiler and burner have been installed it can be used in parades. It made its initial appearance in our steam engine parade, therefore we had another 'First'.

Another feature which created a lot of interest was Sam Osborne's blacksmith shop. Although there were no horses to be shod, Sam was kept busy making miniature horse shoes for the ladies.

LeRoy Ebersol's steam kettle and boiler were used in making the apple-butter. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fake had charge of this demonstration.

The Ladies' Auxiliary, the 'Enginettes' played an important role in the success of the show. They worked very diligently in preparing and serving the meals. Mrs. Gene Nafe was in charge of the kitchen.

Our daily events consisted of: Flag raising- The Star Spangled Banner; Devotions by Mr. Verne Waltimyer; Calliope, Mrs. Lorena Miller; Wheat threshing, C. E. Stambaugh in charge; Baling; Saw-mill. E. C. Nafe; Shingle Mill, Ray Urey; Baker Fan; Miniature Saw mill, Ted Gowl; 1900 Laundromat, Clyde Kauffman (water wheel, pump, antique washer); Steam Engine parade; Gas Engine demonstrations; Thurs. night, Country Music; Friday night, 4-H Club Program; Saturday afternoon, Chief Charlie Little water and Antique car parade; Saturday night, Stewartstown Band and William Clem of Virginia showed slides of the National Threshers show in Ohio.

We were entertained intermittently by the boys from Mode-Art Studio in Pittsburgh with the playing of their records of steam engines, riverboats and steam locomotives.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hope of Virginia made several recordings of the steam engines and calliope.

The 4-H Club had displays of their projects and sold cakes, cookies and candy. The boys took care of parking the cars.

Magazine subscriptions to the Iron-Men Album and Western Engines were sold by yours truly.

In conclusion, we wish to thank all those who participated in this years show and also the following organizations: Mason-Dixon Historical Society, Rough & Tumble Engineers, Maryland Steam Historical Society, Williams Grove Steam Engine Association and Shenandoah Valley Steam Engine Association.