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1224 Marquette Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin

This article has been unintentionally held but we think it so good that we run it now even though it is nearly a year old. Ed.

The steam fans of the Green Bay area were invited to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaster's Tavern near Luxemburg, Wis., on the evening of January 8th. Mr. Kaster is a steam fan and has an excellent collection of the 'American Thresherman' magazines.

There were a dozen or more in attendance, which was good considering the icy roads.

Mr. James Rabas of Algoma, showed, colored movies of the 1950 Zehr reunion and Mr. Norman Reince of Maplewool, showed very interesting colored movies of all types of Massey Harris machinery for which they have the agency.

Of particular interest was the complete collection of old thresher and engine catalogs shown by Mr. Orwin C. Burmeister, having catalogs from 1899 and covering 34 different makes.

Mr. Edward Rabas, threshing machine dealer, of Oconto Falls, came the greatest distance, 50 miles_-a long trip on glazed roads. Another meeting is planned for early April.

Since the meeting we have been informed that James Rabas has purchased another engine for his collection. This one is an N and S double plow engine which he located at Sister Bay, Wis. Thus another old faithful escapes the scrap dealer.