GREENRIDGE Steam and Gas Antique Show

Don Schultz, Howard Mickelson and Virgil Crouch'

Don Schultz, Howard Mickelson and Virgil Crouch take time out to visit at the Greenridge Show near Irwin, Iowa.

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Warm temperatures and cool breezes were given at least partial credit for the record turnout both days at the Greenridge Steam and Gas Antique Show according to Greenridge president Richard Wooster. Visitors came from as far away as Florida and Washington to attend the various activities.

This year a remodeled 'Opry House' sported more room for the musicians and dancers. A Texas-style acoustic jam was held both with demonstration and teaching of line-dancing. Elmer Jensen, head of the music, played host to many groups of musicians from Nebraska and Iowa, including the Silver Creek Cloggers.

The Greenridge Steam show members and the Albert City, Iowa, Steam Show members have an agreement whereby they help each other at their shows. This has worked great over the years. Several guest engineers helped out!

Threshing oats with the 1916 65-Case steam engine was held in the east field with engineer Danny Mickelson of Harlan and guest engineer Karl Lind of Albert City.

Howard Mickelson's 1915 Case steam engine was run by Marlowe Feldman of Albert City and Max Miller of Griswold. It powered Don Ferry's 1902 Aultman and Taylor sawmill. Howard's half-size steam engine ran the wood planing machine. Engineers besides Howard on that steam engine were Clark Ahrenholz assisted by Al Peterson of Irwin. Don's guest helpers at the sawmill include Keith Sunbladt, Albert City; John Thumma, Laurens; Bob Nelson, Atlantic and Dick Wright, Villisca. Lee Fery and Mike Holloway also had a hand in demonstrations at that site.

The sorghum crop was excellent and Ted Gollibit and crew from Manilla cooked up gallons of sorghum syrup for the crowd. Arlo Peterson brought his horses which were used to grind corn on the treadmill and on a horse-powered sweep grinder.

Steve Nelson and friends from Marne were in charge of the old-time blacksmith shop. The line shaft for the shop was powered by a 1920 Fairbanks-Morse, 20 HP, two-cycle diesel engine owned by John and James Weighton of Audubon.

Richard and Vivian Wooster of Manning, with the help of Adrian Nelson, provided fresh ground rye and wheat flour from Wooster's 1918 Meadows grist mill. Bev and Garland Barratt, Irwin, made fresh apple cider squeezed on a 1910 Americus apple cider press. Alfred, Holly, and Phyllis Schroeder of Breda entertained crowds with their mini tractor, baler, and rope-making.

Many people brought gas and steam engines, unusual tractors, and antique vehicles for viewing.

Wayne and Deb Harrah of Cedar Rapids set up their ham radio station in the little log cabin at the west end of the grounds. Robert and Gloria Beekman of Pocahontas used their 1918 1 HP Titan gas engine which turned the crank on the machine to provide us with homemade ice cream.

A new feature from Council Bluffs was a train ride for children made out of barrels. Several antique miniature metal steam-powered toys including a tiny Ferris wheel were brought by Harriett and Bernard Cox of Tennant. Irwin's Jim Clark displayed bears, a squirrel, and other items he had carved from logs using a chain saw.

Pastor Stan Wohlenhaus, Indianola, was guest speaker for church services. He and his wife Paulette made brooms and rag rugs. Paulette also wove their chair pads as a new item this year. They are employed part-time by Living History Farms of Des Moines.

Preceding the show on Friday, the Harlan 5th grade students toured the grounds. Members taught them how to shock oats and chop sorghum. The highlight was watching the big steam engine being unloaded off a trailer. (It had been in Marne undergoing repairs.)

All in all, this year's show was the biggest and best ever! Next year our show will be September 16 and 17, 1995.