Alvin Adams

Alvin Adams (1804-1877)

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They came from the New England states personalities who left a mark on early agriculture and country living. A quick and easy refresher for Engine land readers.

Andrus, Leonard, born Cornwall, Vermont, 1805. Founded Grand Detour Plow Works in Illinois in 1838, sold to Case 1919.

Adams, Alvin, born Andover, Vermont. Founded Adams Railway Express Company, leading to the American Express Company.

Babbitt, Isaac. 1792-1862, born Taunton, Massachusetts. Perfected the well-known Babbitt metal also noted for producing Brittania, copper, antimony pewter, tin and lead products.

Babbitt, Tabitha. A Shaker sister of the Harvard, Massachusetts, Shaker family, a Quaker sect. Invented the circular saw. Made available to public as group did not believe in patents.

Blake, Eli Whitney, born in Connecticut, invented the stone crusher basic principles still used today.

Chapman, John, born 1774 at Springfield, Massachusetts. The legendary 'Johnny Appleseed' who sowed apple seed while wondering over the western reserve. Actually a nurseryman who sold and gave thousands of apple trees to the western pioneers.

Coes, Loring, born Worcester, Massachusetts, made first monkey wrench, patented in 1841.

Corliss, George Henry, Providence, Rhode Island, 1817-1888. Well known steam engineer, developed the Corliss valve and Corliss steam engine. While claimed by Rhode Island, he was born in Easton, New York.

Deere, John, 1804-1886, born Rutland, Vermont. Had blacksmith shop at Middlebury, Vermont. Moved to Grand Detour, Illinois. Developed the famous Deere plow, moved to Moline, Illinois, the beginning of the now famous John Deere Company.

Deering, William, 1826-1913, born South Paris, Maine. Manufactured grain binders using Appleby's twine knotter later became part of IHC.

Delano, Calvin, native of Maine, obtained first patent on the riding hay-rake in 1849.

Downing, Lewis, Concord, New Hampshire, built first Concord stagecoach in 1815. In 1835 formed partnership of Abbott and Downing builders of the world famous stagecoaches.

Drake, Edward, born Castleton Corners, Vermont. Drilled first oil well in the world at Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859.

Fairbanks, Thaddeus, 1796-1886, born Brimfield, Massachusetts. Patented platform scale in 1831, shortly after with his two brothers founded the Fairbanks Scale Company of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, leading to the later Fairbanks Morse Company.

Glidden, Joseph F., Charlestown, New Hampshire, invented barbed wire in 1876.

Goodyear, Charles, 1800-1860, born in New Haven, Connecticut. Invented the process for making rubber elastic and maintaining its elasticity through a wide hot to cold temperature change.

Halladay, Daniel, Ellington, Connecticut. Invented self-governing windmill in 1854.

Holt, Benjamin, born Pembroke, New Hampshire. Active in Holt Bros. (wheel and wagon) Manufacturing Company, Concord, New Hampshire. Went to California and formed progressively Stockton Wheel Company, Benjamin Holt Company, Holt Manufacturing Company, Caterpillar Tractor Company.

Howe, Elias, 1819-1867, born in Spencer, Massachusetts, invented and patented sewing machine, sued Singer and won large patent infringement suit.

Husscy, Obid, 1792-1860, born Nantucket, Massachusetts. Patented the reaper in 1833, developed the principle of the mowing machine cutter bar still in use today.

Lampson, Silas, Sterling, Massachusetts. Patented scythe snaith.

Lane, Samuel H., native of Maine. Obtained first patent on combine in 1828.

Legree, Simon, born and reared in New Hampshire, this is not the fictitious Simon Legree of Uncle Tom's Cabin, he was noted for pioneering scientific agriculture.

Morse, Charles H., born St. Johns-bury, Vermont, 1833-1921. At 17 started as apprentice with Fairbanks Morse Company, later became partner in Fairbanks Morse Co., and before he died acquired controlling stock of F.M.

Pitts, Hiram & John, Winthrop, Maine. Manufactured threshing machines with separator 1834-1837, then moved to Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo Pitts Company and later in Chicago, The Chicago Pitts Company.

Wells, Henry, born Thetford, Vermont, with William Fargo born Pompey, New York, founded Wells Fargo Company in 1852.

Whitney, Eli, born Weather-borough, Massachusetts, invented cotton gin, later formed a noted machine company in Connecticut.

Wood, Jethro, born Dartmouth, Massachusetts, lived in New York state, patented cast iron plow in 1814.