Crank portable engine

Calvin Whitaker

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Worcester, New York 12197

Here is 'Old Abe' keeping a watchful eye over his old work warriors a Case 6 HP center crank portable engine and a Case 12 HP return flue center crank engine. Photo courtesy of Calvin Whitaker, R.R. #1, Box 14, Pendleton, Indiana.

A couple of years ago, in the deep, dark center of Pennsylvania, I spied a tractor that I needed, in the far back corner of a quonset hut.

Now, the tractor just happened to belong to a man named Aaron Heisey, and he was infected with the same strain of 'ol' Iron Mania' as I am. Needless to say, acquiring that machine would be no easy task.

For the next couple of years, I enjoyed seeing the tractor at Penns Cave. Finally, Aaron and I came to terms, and I became the owner of his International Titan 10-20. Well, it proved out that ownership does not necessarily mean possession. You see, Aaron lives in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, and I live in Worcester, New York. The distance between the two is about 400 hours on the Titan and several traffic tickets for scratching up the road, holding up traffic, and frightening the children.

For several weeks, I sat up here in the parsonage dreaming of a big handsome TITAN in the church barn and Aaron sat in Centre Hall, with my Titan.

I knew that Aaron just happened to have the nicest trailer I had ever seen. The trick was to get him to quit farmin' long enough to load the Titan and deliver it to Worcester.

When I visited him at Centre Hall, I couldn't help but notice a whole passel of green and yeller tractors parked in several out-buildings around the farm. Finally, it hit me! What Aaron really needed was a 'grand pappy' to all that green and yeller iron. My search began! Just off route 23, about 25 miles from my home, parked in a shed by the side of the road, I found ol' grand pappy Deere. Right there before my eyes sat the most handsome, strongest ol' John Deere I had ever seen a 1949 streamlined 'D'. I climbed on the seat, cranked him up, and drove him home in a mere 3 hours and 45 minutes. We could pass anything that wasn't movin', except a gas station. Those nearly 7-inch pistons really like to eat!

Only a few weeks went by before I found the Heisey's trailer and Titan parked out behind the church.

We unloaded the Titan, loaded the 'D', fed the Heiseys, got them started on the ice with the help of a few cinders, and they left me standing in the snow with a BIG smile on my face.

I'm hoping to return to the nicest engine and tractor show around, at Penns Cave in September of 1982, with a nicely painted and restored Titan to drive around. Aaron knew just what he was doing; now maybe he will get a chance to drive his Rumely.

(We'd be interested in getting an 'update' from Dr. Goodwin and Aaron Heisey, their - respective tractors, and this year's meeting at Penns Cave.ed.)ss