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Hi! Nancy here.

Get out that bathing suit, fire up that grill in case you didn't notice SUMMER'S HERE. Ah, my favorite time of the year walks in the woods, fresh flowers, cool breezes on the porch in the evening, home made ice cream picnics, camping and shows and reunions. Best of all there's vacations. If you're taking an extra special, really different vacation this year, write and tell us about it. We'd all like to share your adventure.

A call for help goes out for two of our subscribers this month. Mr. Richard Starkey, R. 2, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is in need of a or 1 inch governor but is unable to locate a company that manufacturers them. Should you know of any such company, drop Mr. Starkey a line; he'll be very grateful.

The second call comes from Ivan S. Kropf, Rt. 3, Box 280, Molalla, Oregon 97038. He has some wooden buggy wheels with iron rims that need repaired. Unfortunately, he can't seem to find anyone that repairs them. If you know of any one, preferably on the West Coast, put them in touch with Mr. Kropf.

Now I need help. This has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of engine but with dogs. My poor old dog (a 10 year old female beagle) gets the worst case of summer eczema you ever saw. Nothing, but nothing seems to help it. Not even the Vet has been successful. Happen to have a sure fire cure for this? If you do, send it to me in care of the magazine. Who knows, you may save a dog's life!

Moving? Then get that change of address to us before you move. If you don't chances are you may miss an issue and for gosh sakes, you don't want to do that.

To all of you who may be potential advertisers in this fair magazine, please take note. There is certain information we must have before we are able to process your ad; namely which magazine you want it in (Iron-Men, Gas or both), what kind of advertisement (classified, display, page, page or full page) and how long you want it to run. Without this vital information we are unable to help you. Time is lost writing letters back and forth requesting the. missing information and sometimes results in the ad not getting placed in the proper issue. Also, please take note to the deadline for placing ads. This information always appears on the first page in the preceeding issue. For example, the deadline for the September-October issue is printed in this issue on page 2.

Tardy in renewing? If you forgot to renew your subscription right away and missed more than two issues, we would appreciate it if you would indicate on your renewal notice whether or not you wish to continue your subscription where it ran out or if you would rather start new. Some people don't want to miss an issue and others would just as soon start fresh. Unless you tell us we are rather perplexed as to what to do with late renewals. Just write a note on the bottom and we '11 take care of it.

Thought provoker 'They say so' is half a lie. Thomas Fuller.