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Ball Bearing Mandrel Bearings

The Ball Bearing Mandrel Bearings

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The Ball Bearing Mandrel Bearings

This heavy duty Saw Mill was originally designed, and has been continually improved, especially for use of the professional lumberman, who has a permanent set or cuts the larger portable jobs. It is particularly adapted to the larger lumber operations, as the capacity of this mill is only limited to the power, size and condition of the logs, and the ability of the men who are operating the mill.

While always a popular mill for the professional lumberman, the late improvements place it in a class by itself. The addition of the Ball Bearing Mandrel Bearings, the rapid Patent Feed, the improved Patent Power Set Works, and the larger and easier running Track Wheels have greatly increased its capacity and accuracy. For quality of work, ease of operation and amount of production this mill has no equal.

For lumbering operations requiring the highest production from the circular saw type of mill, this No. 8 Ireland Saw Mill will be found to be in every way adequate. The wide Carriage, knees open to 39 inches, provides ample space for large logs, and the facilities for handling avoid waste of time and labor. Lumbermen familiar only with the common portable saw mills are astonished to see the ease with which the sawyer operates an Ireland Mill and the high output that can be obtained with it. In order to realize the value in these features, this mill should be seen in operation.

All parts are heavier and stronger for hard continuous work with heavy power. The carriage is broad, stiff, and sufficiently heavy for use with a power log turner. Although this mill is heavier than formerly, all special features for ease and speed of moving and resetting have been retained.

The No. 8 Mill, as shown in the illustration above, has ties bolted under the track rails to space them for the carriage wheels. The No. 8 Saw Mill can also be furnished with, and we recommend, substantial Sub-Sills under the rails, which makes the track more rigid and easier to set up and keep in proper alignment. The sills are carefully jointed straight, mortised for the hardwood cross pieces and solidly rodded together. The 16 pound rails are specially straightened and lagged to the sills, forming sections which are easily joined with fish plates and bolts


HUSK FRAME 7' 1' long x 3' 3' wide of iron cast in one solid piece.

MANDREL 2 7-16' x 5' 3' precision ground steel with keyways for all pulleys.

BALL HEARING MANDREL BOXES frictionless and self-aligning. (If preferred our regular babbitted boxes can be furnished at a slight reduction in price).

IRELAND PATENT PEED 6' per revolution of saw, 12' gig, very powerful.

DRIVE PULLEY, regular 20' diameter x 13' face, other sizes if desired.

SPREADER, knife as shown in cut, 17' wheel type optional.

CARRIAGE 18' regular, 16' or 20' at no extra cost. Timbers 6'x6'. Width 50'.

NEW LARGE TRACK WHEELS 6' diameter, having large cone bearings and improved lubrication.

HEADBLOCKS 4 regular, open 39' from saw, bolted solid to timbers, each equipped with Ireland Dogs and Taper set.

SET WORKS. Power and Hand Lever. Stop pin for sawing 3/8 to 2' by sixteenths.

RECEDER, Power. Slight pressure on foot pedal sets or recedes.

TRACK. 60' long heavy steel rails, with ties as in cut. are regular equipment.

Sub-Sills for the No. 8A Saw Mill, 3'x4' selected hemlock, 2x3 hardwood mortised crosspieces, rodded solidly together. Length GO feet in three 15 foot sections and two end sections 7 feet long. This arrangement avoids rail joints near the saw which might cause trouble.

HUSK TIMBERS 4'x6'x8' under husk and track.


CAPACITY, logs 4 feet In diameter, 36 feet long.

PRODUCTION 8,000 to 20,000 according to power and logs.

SIZE OF SAW, 46' to 60' diameter may be used.

TOOLS Saw Mandrel wrench, 10' Crescent wrench, oil can, saw gauge, cant hook, blue prints and instructions for setting and operating.

SHIPPING WEIGHT, 5,500 pounds, less saw.

EQUIPMENT includes tools, feed belt, steel roller feed chain, belt to drive power set. figure board, cable and sheaves, but does not include saw which is priced separately on account of the different sizes used.

Do not fail to rend carefully Pages 2, 3 and 4 for description of important features of Ireland Saw Mills.