It Keeps Getting Better Every Year!

25 HP engine

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Box 955, Bowman, North Dakota 58623

I haven't written in a long time and I just thought I had better write now while I'm not busy. I ran a model of a rear mount, double cylinder Nichols & Shepard at the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion. Of course I am only 15 years old so I usually have Charlie

Baldock help me run it. This year he was sick so I asked Mike Podruski to help me and he said he would. He spent most of his time over at the big engines, but I am a very firm believer that you learn better by doing the things and learning them yourself; so I like to learn that way, too.

This is a picture of the original George White. It was built in 1913, and has a 25 HP engine. Grandpa bought it from Earl Dixon of Duncan, Manitoba, in 1961.

The George White traction engine model. It is 40% in size, or2/5 scale. It was built in the early '70s by my grandfather, the late Ole Aslakson.

A model of the double cylinder, rear mounted, 25-85 HP Nichols & Shepard traction engine. It is1/3 scale and was also built by my grandfather the late Ole Aslakson, in the mid to late '60s. In this picture I am driving it in the daily Parade of Engines at the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion.

This is a picture of the original Nichols & Shepard. It was unusual for Nichols & Shepard engines to be rear mounted as this, and it also has very heavy transmission gearing used for plowing or general draw bar work. It has a heavy buttstrap boiler known as the 'Canadian.'

My grandfather, the late Ole Aslakson, built a model of a 1916 double cylinder rear mount Nichols & Shepard, and also a model of a 1913 25 HP George White. The George White model has an all-welded boiler, except the tubes, which are rolled and beaded and the staybolts threaded. The tubes are 62', the drives are 30' high. The engine itself has a bore of 37/8' and a stroke of 4'. It is about 7' long and weighs close to a ton. I was working with a formula to find engine displacement, and I found that this engine is a 53 c.i.d, or 870 cc. Grandpa didn't get the George White all finished before he passed away, so I hope someday I will be able to do the last work on it. It only needs a water tank, bunkers, operator's platform and a pop valve. It was tested several times and was passed, so it is in running order but needs the finishing touches.

In this letter I am enclosing pictures of the models and their originals and some specs on them. I feel that these two engines are very special and/or unique because Grandpa didn't use a kit or parts from a kit, and yet they are so perfectly to scale and look so nice. He made parts out of wood and had them cast at the Fargo Foundry. I think it took a Norwegian to do this because I think that they were the ones who made all the wood carvings. Somebody also told me that Grandpa would tell you that the things that took the longest, and were the hardest parts to build, were the wheels.

I would encourage anyone living near New Rockford, North Dakota, to come and see the wonderful line of engines that we have. It just keeps getting better every year, at the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion show. This year it will be held in the middle of September on the 19, 20, and 21, that's when it all happens!