Just a Note & A Few Photos



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44 Woodcrest Avenue Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543

I have been going to the shows and museums off and on for a long time and have recently become an IMA subscriber. Here are a few photos that may be of interest.

Photos #1 and #2 were taken at the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show in August 1970. Both show the 32 x 110 HP Case built in 1911 and owned in 1970 by George Hedtke. Photo #1 shows a 'brave soul' going for a short ride inside the extension rim of the big Case.

Photo #2 shows the Case plowing.

Photo #3 is of the Avery under-mounted engine owned by the Landis Valley Museum (Lancaster, Pennsylvania). Picture was taken about 1974.

Photos #4, #5, and #6 were taken recently at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. Photos #4 and #5 show the 10 HP Westinghouse engine (of 1885) and the 30 HP Avery undermounted engine (of 1916). Photo #6 is of the 1888 Nichols and Shepard #2739.

Photos #7 and #8 were taken at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC a few years ago. Phot #7 is of a Case portable engine, 10 HP, serial #1, built in 1876.

Photo #8 is the 18 HP Huber traction engine built in 1921.