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Avery undermounted


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Photo #9 is the large (50 HP) Farquhar portable at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum of York County, York, Pennsylvania. Photo was taken a few years ago.

Photo #10 is of the 18 HP Avery undermounted built in 1911 and owned by Rough and Tumble Engineers of Kinzers, Pennsylvania. The photo was taken at the 50th anniversary show held in August 1998.

Photos #11, #12, and #13 show the 10 HP Nichols and Shepard engine built in 1896 and owned by Noah Brubaker of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Photo #11 shows Noah with his engine. Photos were taken at the September 1998 Nittany Antique Machinery Show at Centre Hall, Pennsylvania.

Photo #14 shows a 1936 Frick portable belted to the shingle mill at the Olde Tyme Days Show in York County, Pennsylvania, August 1998.

Photos #15 and #16 are very old photos found a long time ago at a local (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) antique shop.

Photo #15 is of the earliest Huber gasoline/kerosene tractor, probably built about 1898, according to the Alan King Huber book. On the side of the water tank is painted 'Rheems, Pennsylvania.' You can almost read the engine number at the top of the water tank (it might be 1284 or H284). From the badly worn paint, I would guess that the photo was taken at least a few years after 1898.

In the March/April 1994 issue of IMA there was a picture from John Stuzman (or Stutzman) of Lakeside, Ontario, of a large 'set of wheels' that he found in Kansas. In the September/October 1994 issue of IMA there was a very knowledgeable reply to that picture by Thomas Stebritz. I don't have many of the other IMA issues and have seen no further discussion of this engine.

Photo #16 clearly is a picture of this engine. The wheels, frame, and cable drum inside the frame are exactly the same as in Mr. Stuzman's picture. Some of you readers may be able to tell if it looks like a Geiser boiler and engine as Mr. Stebritz has suggested.