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Find enclosed my check for $4.00 for two years subscription to your fine little magazine.

I will now try to give you some of my history as a thresherman. First, it runs in my family. My grandfather was a thresherman when they poled the straw away and cleaned the grain by hand. Grandfather operated for 56 falls. He bought and operated the third engine built by Robinson & Co., Richmond, Indiana, for 21 falls.

My father passed on to thresherman's reward at an early stage of life. I had three uncles and three cousins who run threshing outfits and I put in thirty-three falls myself. Made my last run in 1940. None of us got rich-nor did any of us go broke. My last outfit was a Case 50 hp. engine and a 32x54 thresher, one of the sweetest running outfits ever built. I have spent most of my life working with machinery of some kind, the war years and quite awhile after I was a tool maker. Now I am back in the auto repair work. Also in my spare time I am making an exact model of the Case steamer I used to run.

I hope you can make out my letter. Who would expect an old Thresherman (60 years) to be able to spell anything anyway.

I wish you the best of luck

GUY R. MANIFOLD, Modoc, Indiana.


I don't think you have received a word from me since I first subscribed to the ALBUM. Enclosed is $2.00 for another year. Each year, about the time it is due I can smell hot oil and chaff gets in my eyes, and I can hear the engineer blowing the whistle for the water monkey to show up. I can see the separator man all dust and grime lacing a broken belt.

Keep up the good work and I often wonder how you do it. I only wish I could get it every week.

J. MORTLOCK, Box 101, Gary, Indiana


Have been getting your magazine for quite a few years and really enjoy it since I was in the steam threshing business for a number of years. We quit threshing with the outfit in 1956 after being in operation as a company since 1914 and threshing each year. Lack of labor and modern machines forced us out.

The outfit consisted of 25 hp. Russell and 36x58 Minneapolis separator, elevator, grain and tank wagon. I believe this is the last company owned in the midwest. We are now selling the engine which I hate to see go as it is like taking leave of a good and faithful friend.

LEROY YORK, Stewartsville, Minnesota


I don't want to miss a single copy of the ALBUM as you have the best Hobby magazine put out. My wife even enjoys it. When it comes we sit down and read it right there.

I belong to the Saginaw Valley Live Steam Assn., here in Flint. We now have 40 members and have everything from pop corn engines to a live steamboat, of which I am the proud owner.

Wish the magazine came more often

ORVILLE C. ESTES, 1145 W. Harvard Avenue, Flint, Michigan


It seems to be a custom that when renewing your subscription to THE IRON-MEN ALBUM to write and tell how much we have enjoyed reading the magazine. Therefore, enclosed find my two dollars to renew my subscription and although I have enjoyed reading the ALBUM, the thing I have liked is the swell guys I've met through the ALBUM.

While stories were running in the ALBUM about the Club I belong to, The Saginaw Valley Live Steam Association, We received lots of mail and every letter was answered and through these stories our convention was a success. We have 5 new members who have joined because of these stories and we have made lots of good live steam friends.

So, I, on behalf of our Club, join all the rest who say-Don't let me miss a single issue of THE IRON-MEN ALBUM.

J. BULLOCK, 5309 Susan Street, Flint 5, Michigan


Sending very much delayed money order for renewal of ALBUM. Enclosing stamp for reply giving me Mr. Elwood A. Frey's address in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as I wish to find out where he is.

I have some good photos of threshing engines and scenes which I might send you but wish them returned as they are treasures to me.

The ALBUM is very interesting when I can get a little time to read it. How I would have enjoyed having all the early issues of it.

I have a good grain separator, bought new 50 years ago this spring, hand feed, straw carrier, bagger. Always shedded when not in use and kept well protected by canvas cover at night when in use and outside. Also have a good buggy rake to shove ahead of you by hand to pick up cradled grain-it must be 80 years or more old. My father bought it over 55 years ago. There should be a demand and a good price for these, with some Reunions or old time threshers association. I have nearly all the belts for this grain thresher in good condition.

Sure would love to meet both of you and become acquainted. I have never had a chance to attend any of the Reunions.

GEORGE W. HATCH, 106 Forest Hills Road, Sand Lake, Michigan


In renewing, just a note to compliment on your fine magazine and accomplishments in behalf of helping to promote a most active and interesting hobby. It is indeed most gratifying-keep up the good work. I might say, however, I would like to see more space devoted to steam traction models and problems encountered. My warmest congratulations on your most interesting publication.

JOE PILSUDSKI, Chicago. Ilinois


I am enclosing my check for $4.00 for subscription. I am nearing 70 and do not want to miss a copy of your wonderful magazine.

I am an old-timer, threshed and hulled clover, shelled corn for over 45 years and am still sawing lumber. I still have a 20 hp. Double N & S that you took a picture of several years ago when you were here.

The combines took over here so I junked a separator, clover huller and corn sheller last week. It hurt to see them burning down but there was no place for them in this fast advancing world. The same as us old men so we just move out of the way.

Wishing you lots of success.

LOUIS KLOEPPER, Effingham, Kansas