Mehmke Museum Collection Grows

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Loaded to go home.

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The view of the Nichols & Shepard when we opened the door of the building Carl s son-in-law Tom Scott (left) and Brian Olson (right).

The Mehmke Museum, near Great Falls, Montana, has added engines to what was already an outstanding collection. Carl Mehmke is proceeding in the tradition set by his late father, Walter, who founded the museum nearly 30 years ago.

Carl is busy with farming, and consequently cannot devote as much time to the exhibits as he would like, but his interest is strong nevertheless.

He has recently acquired a Nichols & Sheppard 20/70, which makes an excellent addition to the line of steamers which is visible as you enter the grounds. There are now 20 of them.

The museum also has 40 gas tractors. Carl has brought in Caterpillars, which he likes. He has a 10, a 15, a 20, a 30, a 22 and a 60.

When Margaret and I visited the Mehmkes in the late summer of 1982, they were enjoying memories of a visit to England and Europe. They attended two rallies in England; visited the railroad museum in York, England, and also spent time in Germany and Sweden.

Carl was able to engage in 'Caterpillar talk' with a fellow collector, Arthur Hinch, whom the Mehmkes stayed with for a week in Stamford. Hinch is a farmer, and had visited the Mehmkes the year before.

Hinch has an old plowing engine. The Mehmkes saw an exhibition of plow engines in action. Ray White, whom they also visited, has two of these.

The Mehmke museum, which is near the town of Belt, Mont., has both outdoor and indoor exhibits. The steam engine names include Case, Reeves, Aultman-Taylor, Avery, Minneapolis and Garr-Scott. There are also stationary gas engines, old wagons, and all sorts of other items to interest our readers.