'Memos from McMillan'

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Box 94 - Galva, Ill.

The Lions Club at Macomb , Illinois has installed a new 15 inch train they purchased from Atlantic and Pacific Steam Locomotive Co at Galva, Illinois. Due to changing their grade, it was a couple of weeks ago before they got started, however, they are very pleased with their operation.

The first Sunday that they operated, they hauled 1800 passengers for fifteen and twenty-five cents apiece. They have been taking in fifteen to twenty dollars each night. If you get over that way, or better yet, take a trip over, and a ride. They really have a grade. It's on a track that is 1500 feet in length, and the train goes out of sight down the grade. They can haul only three loaded coaches on that account. The engine has the power, but not the traction. The grade is long and steep. If you want to see and hear a real exhaust on an engine, here is the place

The drollest of the homespun comedians, Herb Shriner, was expected to pay a visit to Galva next week in hopes of landing an attraction for his proposed 500-acre family recreation center in Indiana.

Shriner has had an appointment of four-w e e k s standing with H. J. McMillan to look over 'Hank's' stock of miniature railroads. The greatest of the Hoosier hotshots was expected to make the date next week.

Shriner is known for the droll humor and running 'folksy' chatter on radio and television. At one time he MC'd one of TV's top quiz shows.

With his career on the airwaves behind him, Shriner has settled back in his beloved Indiana and is concentrating on the development of a commercial recreation enterprise that will cover almost a mile square.

Shriner has not disclosed the site in Indiana and the cost of his venture, but the hiring of Nat Winecoff as consultant and coordinator on the project indicates the vastness of Shriner's thinking. Winecoff worked with Walt Disney on the planning and early operation of Disneyland.

Shriner has said that the complex will feature summer and winter recreation for family groups and will include a convention hall, hotel and recreation facilities. It will be called 'Hometown, U. S. A.'

Shriner has indicated to McMillan that he is interested in acquiring a miniature railroad for the complex.