Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

Stevens engine

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RR #1, Box 453 Albion, Indiana 46701

This photo was taken at the 1987 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

The 1987 engineers are Jay Sigafoose, Hayesville, Iowa, 52562, and Larry Palmer.

The Stevens engine was built by A.W. Stevens & Son, Auburn, New York. It is 9 HP, engine #1774, 6 x 9', manufactured in 1890 owned by Midwest Old Threshers.

It was an honor to be assigned to this uniquely engineered and designed engine as it must have been for the original owner, close to a century ago.

It's a rear mount design, equipped with a brake. Boiler has rocking grates, and a dumping ash pan. The engine runs good as new.

In the background, Paul Collinson, Galva, Illinois, can be seen in the cab of the 110 HP Case engine. This show is one that everyone should attend at least once and they will want to go every year. Happy Steaming!