Advance and Minneapolis thresher

Robert Winger

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RD #2 Louisville, OH 44641

My dad, Martin Winger, taking off for a threshing run in the early 20's with a 22 HP Advance and 36 x 64' Minneapolis thresher. Photo submitted by Robert Winger, Correll, MN 56227.

Various articles written over the years have brought to mind happenings of years ago when we had few automobiles to go anywhere, few hospitals and no electricity or water in the homes.

Walking to school. At times some had to walk up to 4 to 5 miles to get an education. Few ever got to high school, yet these pioneers developed our nation. They designed and erected the various machines for use everywhere: the locomotives, traction engines, wagons, sawmills and whatever was needed to form a nation as we have.

Gone are the days of fellowship of a neighbor. There are a few, not many, sometimes miles away.

Getting up in the morning, all the chores had to be done before going to school or planning the chores for the day. At harvest time, help was shared at the farms in the area and the women who cooked the meals at threshing time, silo filling time and also at butchering time are not forgotten.

A neighbor was a God-send for many farmers.

Yes, we used separators that threshed and we had measuring boxes to handle grain. Then came the weighers which was an improvement, but at times a hindrance as you had to handle grain in a different way.

In the winter timber was cut with a crosscut saw and axe. In 1940 I bucked timber in a woods averaging 5,800 board feet a day in temperatures of 90 degrees or better. White and red oak timber, at times 30 feet to the limbs. Some logs were 32 feet and not a blemish in the wood.

We do not have the timber today to cut now. Most has been cut out and a lot of second growth is being cut now.

Yes, looking back many years, these memories of what the pioneers did are pleasant.

Now we have the shows all over that do a good job of showing the machines at work, as they were years ago.

A steam engine is not a toy. It is to be respected at all times. Some young men use an engine and jockey it around. Machines were not built for the abuse of horseplay.

At times, years ago, pranks were put in use and some were uncalled for: bigger boys and rowdies took it out on the ones who were shy. This caused a lot of enemies that have lasted a lifetime.

The younger generation cannot and will not sacrifice as the pioneers did.

I do all I can for people who are in need and share labor where needed. I help at the shows also, as help is needed badly the older men cannot carry on forever.

Bring the fellowship back to America and develop it for a paradise for all to enjoy, not just a few. Keep God in mind and do all you can for others it will be returned countless ways for a peaceful life.