Northeast Indiana Steam & Gas Association Show

50 HP Case

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RR 2, Box 120 Odell, Illinois 60460

One of the shows I try to exhibit at each year is the Northeast Indiana Steam and Gas Association, at LaGrange, Indiana.

To me the main event at this show is the steam plowing, so I bring our scale Case and John Deere two-bottom plow and join right in. Graham Sellers from Coldwater, Michigan is usually on hand with his six-bottom platform plow and 25-85 Nichols and Shepard to pull it, if another engine at the show isn't.

For the first time, the Marvin Brodbeck family from Ottawa Lake, Michigan brought their 32-120 Reeves to the show. I first became acquainted with the Brodbecks at the National Threshers Association Show at Wauseon, Ohio. I have exhibited our 50 Case and our scale at this show also, and I always enjoy it. After Roland Brodbeck had the big Reeves ready to go I coaxed him into taking her out to the field and try plowing. Well, the big Reeves handled the John Deere two-bottom plow very well. After the Reeves was done, I took our scale out to plow a round.

Later, I heard that the Brodbecks had the Reeves hooked on to a ten-bottom plow, but I guess someone else will have to send a picture of that in, as I don't seem to have one. I'll bet Roland will come up with one, though!

Haley 1922 50 HP Case with the 1987 Best Restored Engine trophy given at the National Threshers Assoc, Waseon, Ohio.

One thing I should warn steam engineers about is a peculiar type of bird that lives around this show. It seems to prefer nesting in the stacks of steam engines. Some of its nesting materials are rags, corn sacks, and even aluminum cans! They are rarely seen, as they come out only at night and are gone by sunrise. They make for a rather amusing morning fire up for the unsuspecting engineer as it happened to me.

Well, I hope to make the LaGrange Show (July 20-23), as well as Wauseon and a few others in 1989.