Oklahoma Steam Threshers 1974 Show Report

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Route 5, Box 580, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

As you know, the 1974 show was held at our new location Pawnee County Fair Grounds, 'Pawnee, Oklahoma.

The three day show this year was a huge success beyond anybody's expectations, even though the weather was near or in the century mark every day of the show.

Plowing was a daily feature featuring the 110 H.P. Case of Kenneth and Cecil Kelly of Pawnee, Oklahoma. It was backed up by performances of their 45 H.P. Case and 65 H.P. Case threshing grain.

Art Kosted and his 50 H.P. Case performed daily on the incline. Art's son, Charles Kosted, put the M. Rumley 16 H.P. through its paces on the teeter totter.

J.D. story kept Ivan Burns 20 H.P. Keck Gonnerman D.S. going for three days doing an excellent job, backed up by Joe Story operating the 28 H.P. Minneapolis owned by Heinie Bomhoff of Calumet, Oklahoma.

John Adams, our treasurer, did an excellent job as straw boss of the grounds, keeping the show running on an even keel. John had his 40 H.P. Case in attendance, operated by Mr. Sawyer.

P.R. 'Pete' Rose of Garber, Oklahoma, had his 10 H.P. M. Rumley (1900) version on hand. Mr. Rose is one of the original founders of the show.

Ivan Burns operated his 16-60 D.S. Nichols & Shepard plow engine using it on Baker Fan incline and for threshing, also his 36 H.P. portable Russell was used for three days on Grist Mill operated by Kenneth Feigel Mill run by Mrs. Art Kosted & Fred Bailey. This attraction was going full blast, selling all the meal that could possibly be made. This was a wonderful attraction. Under the same tent was the shingle mill going full blast for three days, operated by Max January of Miami, Oklahoma. The power was furnished by Lyman Knapp's 6 H.P. Russell traction engine.

Henry Martin & Sons, John, Paul & Matthew, operated their 25 H.P. Huber, 20 H.P. Nichols & Shepard for three days under a full head of steam.

Gas tractors were in abundance. 35-70 Minneapolis Spurlin of El Reno, Oklahoma. 30-60 Aultman Taylor Floyd Kelly of Pawnee, Oklahoma, 20-40 Oil Pull, John Younkman of Newton, Kansas. 16-30 Oil Pull P.F. 'Pete' Rose. 25-50 Avery Floyd Kelly, about 35 single cylinder farm engines all in excellent condition, running, looked over by Dallas Womack of Fairview, Oklahoma.

The 3 day show drew approximately 9500 people. Wonderful help was donated by the local chamber of commerce and city local government, water supplies, parking and gate supervision all came in abundant proportions.

Contests were held on Sunday The Grande Finale. Best Engineers, Art Kosted & Ivan Burns, Best Restored Tractions, Engine, Kelly Bros. 110 H.P. Case, Best Time on Teeter Totter, Charles Kosted, Best Restored Gas Tractor 35-70 Minneapolis, Heine Bomhoff & Mr. Spurlin. Three Outstanding Members of the Association were, Heine Bomhoff, P.F. 'Pete' Rose, and Fred Bailey. We were fortunate to have the esteemed Mr. Harold Ottaway of Wichita, Kansas as the Judge of the contests of which we were most grateful.

The building on the Fairgrounds which was put up during the summer for our machinery is a 60x120 machinery building, completely modern, sanitation facilities, etc. We have been donated a Corliss Allis Chalmers Power Plant Engine, presently on the grounds, hoping to have some on foundation, boiler secured, and in operation for show time '75', our M.C. John Younkman, of Newton, Kansas, his vivid description of all events and machinery is inspiring to all people, young and old, show time '75' July 25, 26, 27.