Model ZZ Peerless

Model ZZ Peerless, operated by Donald Ferree at 1977 Old Timers Reunion

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Ferree, Jr., P.O. Box 70, Climax, North Carolina 27233.

The Fifth Annual Old Timer's Reunion Show was held July 9 and 10 1977 by the Old Time Historical Association at their showground's in Climax, North Carolina.

Saturday, July 9, was a beautiful day, but extremely hot and people came from far and wide to see the show. They came from South Dakota, Ohio, Kansas, New York, Florida and all states in between.

Jack Johnson got the show off to a good start with the sawmilling. Leslie Moon and his wife, Mirian, fired the boiler of our Frick 9 x 10 Portable, and it did a fine job pulling the sawmill. Most of the old folks just can't believe it when they see Mirian running a steam engine.

Then came the wheat threshing. Mr. J. S. Ferree, Sr., handled this part of the show with the help of Fred Cox, George Groce, Charles Allen, and others. Mr. Ferree used a Frick 6% x 9 double cylinder traction engine and a big all steel Frick threshing machine this year.

Donald Ferree, with the assistance of Wayne Reynolds, operated the big 120 HP Peerless Traction engine which was acquired from Mr. Ralph Lewin of Winchester, Va. It is a mighty fine machine.

We acquired a Keystone Skimmer Shovel from Mr. Dean Redd of Charleroi, Pennsylvania and Dean and Mrs. Redd came down and operated the shovel for us. This was a nice addition to our show.

Billy Fields, assisted by several firemen, put down the tract and got our Park Railway in operation this year. The children were delighted, as were some of us big kids. When it is complete, we will have approximately mile run all the way around the lake. A gas-powered engine was used this year, but we also have a steam engine which will be added after it is rebuilt.

Dan Brown and James Greason took turns as Master of Ceremonies, and did a fine job keeping everybody informed of the activities.

Porter Anderson and his family, with the assistance of Cecil Westmorland, Divers Mabe, Wayne White, and several others, did an excellent job feeding the crowd fried chicken, pinto beans, and hush-puppies.

Odell Routh was in charge of the antique car exhibit and there were approximately 85 mighty fine cars of all kinds, including a steam car. Thanks to Odell and all his exhibitors.

We had the largest flea market ever and the ladies enjoyed shopping. Bobby Frye was in charge and did a fine job. They had something for everybody.

A team of sky divers jumped each day for us and put on a very enjoyable show. The crowd was delighted.

B. Bryant Young from Dover, Delaware gave us a hand with the traction engines, ad did David M. Fultz and Richard Rush. Mr. McCollum of Colfax, North Carolina brought his Case traction engine. There is nothing like the smell of wood burning in a boiler and hot cylinder oil to make an engine man happy. We had 20 steam engines of various sizes and kinds on display.

The wooded grove next to the lake was full of gas engines; some grinding cornmeal, some pumping water, and some just looking pretty.

Mr. Books was back this year with his nice horses and log cart. We also had covered wagons, stage coaches, and other horse drawn equipment.

The Garden Squares, led by Jack Bowman, did some fine square dancing. They also had some help from the crowd.

Hal Younts built a stage and Grady Hockett gathered in some musicians who played and sang. They made gospel, country, and bluegrass music. A good time was had by all.

We had several crafts working this year, including hand-weaving, a steam sewing machine making name tags, blacksmithing by Mr. Marley and Adam Lamb. Adam also makes old time rifles and had some on display.

We have purchased a steel building, 45' x 200' which will soon be erected to be used as a museum. This will be a big addition for our show. The next show will be July 8 and 9, 1978.