Owensville Threshers Association Show

Keck Gonnerman engine

This shows Ira Wright of St. Clair, Mo. with a Keck Gonnerman engine

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Owensville, Missouri 65066

The Owensville Threshers Assciation Show is held at City Park in Rosebud, Missouri the Third week-end in July. The show held in 1974 consisted of seven large steam engines, among them a 12 HP Case, a Russell, 2 Keck Gonnermans and an Avery undermounted.

Gasoline tractors included several old John Deeres, Case and Mc. Cormick Deering, several old Hubers and Keck Gonnermans. A neatly restored Oliver Hart Parr, a Cletrac Cat, an Indiana front wheel drive, Fordson and 8-16 International.

There were several model steam engines and a good selection of gas engines. Among those were Aero, Motor, Busy Boy, Economy, Detroit, Novo, New Way, Maytag and others.

Featured at the show were events as lumber sawing, wood planing, threshing with steam, corn shredding, shingle splitting by the old hand fashioned way, feed grinding with horse powered sweep feed mill. Also, feed making with hand powered mill.

For the ladies, a quilting party was underway. Also demonstraations on chair caning and broom making. Pony rides were had every day. Evening entertainment consisted of open air dance, both modern and old dances.

We bought our engine from a man near Gettysburg, Ohio several years ago and restored it to its present condition. It is a family project with us and our five daughters and sons-in-law and grandchildren. The above pictures are of before and after.