Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana 1991 Reunion


1864 Gaar portable owned by Bill Stahl, Columbus, Indiana.

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Rt6 North Vernon, Indiana 47265

The 43rd annual reunion of the Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana was held the first weekend of August 1991 at the Rush County Conservation Club grounds, Rushville, Indiana.

The show was an outstanding success, graced with clear weather and a large turnout of both displays and visitors.

Nineteen steam engines, ranging from a 36 HP J.I. Case to a 23-90 A.D. Baker, were fired and running on all three days.

Two hundred sixty tractors were on hand, allowing visitors to compare everything from a Shaw Du-All to a 40-60 Rumely Oil Pull.

Some 60 gas engines were running, two of which, along with a stationary boiler and duplex pump, were used to keep the boilers full and the road dust settled.

Throughout the show, visitors could watch stone crushing, shingle making, tractor pulling, well drilling, ditch digging, and log sawing. They could also listen to a calliope playing, a fiddle contest, engines running, and whistles blowing.

We also had a large flea market with something for nearly everyone, along with many booths featuring fine food.

Featured at this show were Noel Ertel's 18 HP Gaar Scott, Jack Maples' 20-40 Rumely Oil Pull and Allen Beall's 15 HP Bessemer gas engine.

One memorable event was some threshing done with an 1864 Gaar portable steam engine (below) and a 'ground hog' thresher dating from the 1830s. This might well be the oldest threshing rig in the country.

Sights too numerous to mention made this one of the best shows we've ever had and fill us with anticipation for the 1992 reunion on August 7,8, and 9. This show will feature an 1896 M Rumely, 12 HP steam engine, John Deere equipment and an IH Tom Thumb gas engine.

For further information contact Dan Spaulding, R 4, Box 324, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176, (317) 729-5283.