Pioneer Engineer's Hold 26th Reunion & Election of Officers

20 HP Aultman Taylor

20 HP Aultman Taylor owned by Al New of Pendleton, Indiana. First time this engine was to our show. Courtesy of Jerry Moorman, R.R. 6, Box 159, Greensburg, Indiana 47240

Jerry Moorman

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Secretary, R.R. 6, Box 159, Indiana 47240

The Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana, Inc. staged their 26th Show and Reunion on August 2, 3, 4, 1974 at Rushville, Indiana. There were 23 traction engines of all different makes and a large number of tractors and oilpulls.

This year the club featured the Aultman Taylor engine. We are quite proud and fortunate to have 2 Aultman Taylor engines nearby. One is a 16 HP and the other a 20 HP. They are owned by Calvin Whitaker and Al New of Pendleton, Indiana. Other new engines were a 20 HP Advance Rumely owned by the Larry Spalding family and an 18 HP Baker owned by Tony Moorman. Restoration on both of these engines was completed just before the opening of the show.

Friday and Saturday, it rained and dampened the activities. Large crowds still came to see threshing, sawmilling, fan testing, and other displays. Visitors from the furthest distance were from Great Britain and Turkey.

Saturday evening the rain stopped and our first old time fiddler's contest was able to be held outdoors. Fiddlers came from Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana. One contestant named 'Fiddlin Dick' came from Kentucky. He put on quite a show, wearing a coon skin cap and a pet raccoon sitting on his shoulder while he put on a real foot stomping program. WRCR radio station carried the program live. Following the contest the traditional Saturday night fireworks was put on by Chet Hiler and Roscoe Shiverdecker with a 21-75 Baker.

Sunday was a cool day but dry. Church services were conducted by the Rev. Sterling Cauble of Sunman, Indiana. The show closed Sunday evening with a gigantic parade of all equipment. Meals were provided by the Kentucky Fried Chicken from Rushville, and numerous other local groups. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to next year's show.

Officers for 1975 were elected at our annual business meeting held October 26 at Rushville. A large crowd attended to elect their officers. It was decided to retain President Ray Jones, Vice-President Lawrence Porter, Treasurer Tony Moorman, and Secretary Jerry Moorman. Two directors were re-elected to a 3 year term. They are Russell Coon and Roy Mercer. Charles Geisler of Madison was elected as the third director.

The Pioneer Engineers will hold a social and pitch-in meeting Saturday, January 25 at the Rush County Conservation Clubhouse.