Avery separator

Courtesy of Mr. Elmo J. Mahoney, Dorrance, Kansas. This picture was taken in September of 1910. It is an Avery 42 x 70 special built separator with 16 bar cylinder with an Avery Low-down feeder for headed grain threshing. The feeder was invented by my fat

Elmo J. Mahoney

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A photo of the thresher my brother and I operated for over 20 years at East Aurora, New York. Our route extended over the. better part of four townships. It was first operated by a large 4 cylinder cross-motor Case which was traded for a W-6 McCormack-Deering, a very fast and good tractor. The separator wore out 3 tractors and is at present running on another route farther south where its too hilly for combines. We also had a Int. Harvester baler and corn shredder plus a large silo filler. Before I ran with my brother for ourselves I worked for another man who had a 4-5 Int. Kerosene Mogul. I have never owned a steam outfit though when I was a boy they were all we had around here and I always liked them very much. I belong to the New York State Steam Engine Assn., and attended their first show.

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