Paddlewheel Steamer

Courtesy of Frederick H. Semple, 11 Danfield Road, Saint Louis 17, Missouri.

Frederick H

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Paddlewheel Steamer - MINNE HA - HA Lake George, New York, U.S.A. (Put into service - July 30, 1969)

Length: 102', Beam: 28', Draft: 3', 285 Gr. Tons

HULL AND SUPERSTRUCTURE: Lake George Steamboat Co. Inc. Welded steel construction, fireproof

STERN WHEEL ENGINE: Semple Engine Co. 8' x 48' 2 cylinders single expansion 1 50 Horsepower 26 r.p.m. 200 p.s.i. saturated steam atmosphere exhaust 2  slide valves each cylinder Stephenson reverse adjustable cutoff

BOILER: International Boiler Works 200 p.s.i. operating pressure oil fired 6000 lbs. saturated steam per hour

PADDLEWHEEL Semple Engine Co. 12' diameter 11' long - 5' diam. shaft

AUXILIARIES: Generator 25 kva, 110/220 v., 3 phase driven by 40 horsepower Troy steam engine Capstan 15 horsepower Soule steam engine 2 Worthington duplex steam pumps operate interchangeably for feed water, bilge and fire. Simple feed water heater and oil separators

A Cretors sidewalk model steam-operated popcorn and peanut wagon. It is completely restored and looks and runs like factory new. There are only a very few of these old original popcorn wagons still in existence.

I am 56 years of age and when I was a little boy in a small northern Texas town, there was an old man who made his living operating a popcorn wagon just like this one. I will never forget the little clown cranking the peanut glass tumbler. The old man told me that the little clown cranked the whole machine, steam engine, peanut tumbler and popper.

'100 years old and still in perfect working order.' Case engine No. 25 built by the J. I. Case Company of Racine, Wisconsin, sometime around the year 1870. This engine was used originally to pump water for the town, now city, of Angola, Indiana. Angola is the county seat of Stueben County, located in the extreme northeast corner of Indiana. Old Case No. 25 was furnished to the Old Time Thresher Show by the Brindle Bros. well known Allis-Chalmers dealers of La Otto, Indiana. This engine can be seen in action at the 1970 Old Time Thresher Show. Photo by Ernest Hoffer.

100 year old Sycamore Log This section of a sycamore log, at least one hundred years old, was given to the Old Time Thresher Show by the Yaney sawmill near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The size of it can be compared to the wagon frame and to the nearby spectators.

The 'Monster' to the left of the log, symbolizes the Beast of Busco, supposedly seen in one of the nearby lakes and created a lot of publicity. This 'Monster' was furnished to the Old Time Thresher Show by the American Legion 157 of Churubus-co, Indiana. Photo by Ernest Hoffer.

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