Hay baler

I was wondering if anyone knows the age and make of this horse powered and foot fed hay baler. We purchased this recently at a farm sale. Courtesy of Vincent Hoenier. Qilliam. Missouri 65330

Vincent Hoenier

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The Case was built in 1921, Mfg. No. 35031, and sold that year to a Mr. Harnish in southern Lancaster County, Pa. It was used for threshing and baling until the combines took over.

After that it was used for feed grinding on the farm.

In late 1963 the tractor was purchased from Mr. Harnish by A. D. Mast. In about 1967 Ebersol bought it from Mast and restored it. He still has the original operator's manual and parts book.

Ebersol is an honorary lifetime member of the Rough and Tumble Engineers, receiving his gold membership card at the 1972 annual banquet. He has been at all the Rough and Tumble Reunions at Kinzers since it was organized. He has shown this machine there, and has charge of a few of the Corliss engines at the Reunions.

The RR crossing sign was obtained from the Pennsylvania Railroad, now Penn Central, when the old models were replaced by new types. It holds three mailboxes, and is a surprising sight to see along a quiet country road. Autoists look in vain for locomotives in the adjoining cornfield. Courtesy of Gerry Lestz, Editor

This old photograph, taken in 1915, gives a person an insight into farming operations at that time, and the magnitude of 'big' power operations - 5 seeders being drawn by a 32 - 110 D. S. REEVES steamer! Owners were W. H. Jurney & Sons, Vulcan, Alberta. One of the sons is my Father. Altogether, the family owned and operated FIVE Reeves steamers; they were the popular 'make' with my folks. W.H. Jurney [my Grandfather] came to Alberta with his three sons, one daughter, and Grandma Jurney about 1906. They came from Carthage, Jasper County,. Missouri. They remained in Canada. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 Kingsland Tr. Crt, 520 - 75 Ave., S. W., Calgary, Alta. T2V OS2

Between the Mark Twain Show at Paris, Missouri and the Owensville Thresherman Show at Rosebud, Missouri in July, 1975 I had a few days which I spent at the Earl Rains home at 209 North Olive St. in Eldon, Missouri.

While there I was treated to a kind of special Model Show. Along with many models which were made with stunning innovation and remarkable precision I saw and photographed the steam engine and Baker fan shown in the above picture.

Earl is very modest about his accomplishments. With all his knowledge and ability, he plays the part of pleasant host equally well. Earl is pictured behind his engine; in the picture you see not much more than a shadow in area of the eyes, but when I took the picture I could better see the smile of justifiable satisfaction. Courtesy: Bernard A. Hines, 7197 Mississippi St., Merrillville, Ind.