Nichols & Shepard steam engine

Courtesy of John L Brien, Athol, Kansas 66932.

John L Brien

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This picture was taken in Athol, Kansas in 1902. It is a 22 HP return flue straw burner Nichols & Shepard steam engine and Nichols & Shepard 41 x 64 vibrator separator. E. R. Brien, owner is at control.


This photo shows 'August Nopen's Threshing outfit and crew for 1899' and was probably taken at Charlton, about 10 miles northwest of Schenectady, New York.

It appeared with an article on Farming in Saratoga County (N.Y.) by G. Terry Sharer, of the Smithsonian Institution, in the Grist Mill, the publication of the Saratoga County (N.Y.) Historical Society.

Members of the crew are identified: Charles Nopens, extreme right, engineer; Fred Rhotus next (fireman); EHawley (waterman); 'four with forks pitchers (strangers)'; man on separator (separator tender); August Nopens (man with book); Christ Grasser on wagon (man they are threshing for), and Floyd Nopens holding the spotted colt's head.

Field Home, director of the Saratoga Society, sent the information along. The picture is owned by the Charlton Historical Society, and reprinted with permission.

Nichols & Shepard 1S98 10 HP engine and 32 x 56 vibrator separator. Marshal Beam, Ashley Post, Bert West, Sam Paydon on engine. Clint Goldsmith, E. R. Brien, Bud Cook on tender. Henry Daniels on separator. Frank Beck on water tank. Picture was taken in 1900.

This handsome 40 H.P. Case, Number 29988 was built in 1913, and is owned by Durward Steinmetz of Route 1, Box 120, LaFarge, WI 54639. Steinmetz met his wife, Koletta, while out steaming tobacco beds with this engine in 1945. It was used to run a sawmill in the 1940's, then had a long period of inactivity. In 1981, its restoration was completed. 'I have never really asked my wife,' says Steinmetz, 'which she fell in love with first, but I presume I was better looking then than now, and the engine sure didn't look this good then.'