Vaney's homemade Case engine

Mr. Art Vaneys homemade Case engine threshing oats on their farm near Lyons, Kansas, August 30, 1958. Art built this engine on the farm. The separator is a nice 32 Nichols & Shepard.

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Courtesy of J. Elmer Sandburg, Salem, South Dakota

Early day threshing (1884) in Miller Gulchnow called Ramsey Gulch, 7 miles north and 8 miles east of Salem, South Dakota

I received this picture from S. H. Sweet, Conova, South Dakota, September 8, 1958. Mr. Sweet is 81 years old now. He was just a boy when this picture was taken. Firing with wood and used a team of horses to help pull and guide the engine. This is one of the first steam threshing rigs in McCook County, South Dakota. It is a chain drive but what make of an engine is it? (Elmer will take a guess a Heilman).