Case 60 Tractor

Case 60 No. 34241 owned by Frank Frahm - threshing July 1958. Henry Michelsen, Engineer.

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The elder Mr. Hull built the little engine in 1959 and the big one in time for the 1960 meet. Statistics on the larger engine follow: Length 10 ft. 9 in.; height 6 ft. 11 in.; 18 in. boiler with 13-2 inch flues; 5 x 7 cylinders; 10/20 International tractor wheels; 50 gal. water tank and rates 7hp at 199 lbs. boiler pressure. Information on the little engine was not available at the time of publication.

Both Mr. Hull and his son are charter members of the Williams Grove group of enthusiasts and George is presently serving as vice-president.

(Editor's note - Since this news item was received for publication, we learned of the death of Mr. John \. Hull, which occurred in December, 1961. Mr. Hull wars widely known throughout the central Pennsylvania area and will be sadly missed by the many friends he made among the steam engine enthusiasts.)

You knew him well, I'm sure. He was everywhere during the reunions as well as before and after the event helping to get ready and then cleaning up.

Much of the success of these events was due to his hard work. He will be greatly missed.

He had many friends and acquaintances among the Iron-Men and visitors.

We are happy to report that Mr. Greenwalt has, up to the present time at least, had exactly as many downs as he has ups. We would hate to think of Mr. Greenwalt being left up at the top all during a Canadian winter.

Although this picture was taken at the Pion-Era in 1961, Mr. Greenwalt was doing exactly the same thing over forty years ago. Employed by the Hart Parr Company to demonstrate the tractor's flexibility and ease of control, Mr. Greenwalt made the Saskatoon and Regina exhibitions, attracting a great deal of attention.