Frick Ellipse

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Dave Riggs' 1920 Frick Ellipse, number 21315 , caught in action at the pioneer Engineers 54th Annual Show this past August

Harold Stark, 3215 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46217-3231, caught up with his great-grand nephew, 2-year-old Gaar Scott Ertel, at this year's Pioneer Engineers show in Rushville, Ind.

In case you were wondering, Gaar is indeed named after the great Gaar-Scott line of steam traction engines, and he's seen here on Harold's 1/2-scale Gaar-Scott after a run around the show grounds with Harold.

Harold, well-known for his affinity to the marque, finished this scale in 1979.

Henry Groner, 1110 Sauer Ford Road, Berger, MO 63014-1613, sends in a this picture of his great-grandson on a 1/2-scale Baker 23-90. Henry writes:

I'm enclosing a picture of my great-grandson Nathan Manning, who was 18 months old when this picture was taken earlier this year. Little Nathan is a 1/3-size man, manning a 1/2-size boiler belonging to his grandfather, David Groner.

Here's another 23-90 Baker, this time a 5/8-scale built by Jonas Stutzman, 16351 Nauvoo Road, Middlefield, OH 44062.

The original patterns were made by Elvin Kline of Berlin, Ohio, and Jonas bought the patterns at Elvin's estate auction. Unfortunately, many patterns were missing so Jonas, working with Cattail Foundry, made up the missing patterns and got the castings (seven sets in all) made. Near-term plans call for building at least two more copies of the scale Baker. Jonas says his biggest challenge was constructing the boiler - he ended up getting certified to complete the job. All told, Jonas says it took five years to complete the project.

Output of the 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 engine is estimated at 30 HP with 150 psi in the boiler. Weight of the 12-foot 4-inch long and 6-foot 4-inch tall (to the top of the stack) Baker is 6,000 pounds. Photo by T.W. Diehl.