Frick engine

This Frick engine had a birthday June 9th, 1957 and was 43 years old on that day. It belongs to C. W. Thornhill, R. D. 2, Culpeper, Virginia, who saved some wheat and threshed September 8th, 1956. That is Mr. Thornhill's son who is keeping an eagle eye on

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Here is something interesting we met up with on our trip this summer. 8 hp. Advance engine of 1888, owned by Benny Heggrude, Cooly, North Dakota. An S. S. Messenger thresher made at Tatamy, Pennsylvania, in 1888 and owned by John Sandstrom, Lone Tree, North Dakota. That is one of the neatest rigs we have seen for a long time. It was worth the trip. Mr. Sandstrom is a most interesting fellow. He has a museum of his own. His lawn is a dream. Paul Bunyan and his blue calf stand serene amid stumps from the Petrified Forest and realistic stumps made by John from concrete. Make a trip to Lone Tree.