Private Cruise in Old Fashioned Steamship

Old steam tugboat

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Who can deny their love of steam engines, the source of all power from Grandfather's time?

However, only a few steam enthusiasts ever make a private cruise of several days in an old steam tugboat where they are not only esteemed guests but also the temporary captain.

Thanks to the efforts of the steam shipping company 'M & K Steam-charters', such a unique possibility is now available. For alongside the quay of one of the picturesque seaports, which are so abundant in Holland, lies the S.S. Rosalie impatiently waiting for the true steam-enthusiasts.

In this beautiful ship dating from 1889 (19 metres long) which has all modern comforts (cabins, galley, shower/toilets etc.) and an expert 2-man crew, cruises are offered for 2-4 guests through the rich and varied waterways of Holland.

The slogan 'Be the master of the S.S. Rosalie' provides the guests with the opportunity to plan the route and the desired arrangements (mooring places, excursions, meals, etc.).

On such an adventurous journey back in time guests will experience all exciting facets of the steam age.

The proud Rosalie invites you to steer, to stoke, to anchor, to go through the many locks, to lubricate, to cook on board, in short, relaxing and engaged exclusively in nostalgic activities.

Encompassed by the smell of oil, fire and steam, the admirers can get to know and respect the technical genius of former times. The pounding heart of this romantic 'gran old lady' is the only v-compound steam engine with two pistons in v-form still sailing, and has for a century produced 86 pk. Eight tons of coal can be stowed in the coalbunkers, sufficient for about eight days sailing.

One must bear in mind that a boat trip through Holland is in itself fantastic. Rivers, canals and countless lakes lead you from one vista of a dreamy seaport to another. The red roof tiles of the houses peep just above the massive dikes. In the evening when one goes ashore one can imagine oneself as part of a living painting of an old master such as Rembrandt.