Program Books On The Rise

Wisconsin books

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Organizations are finding large program books worthwhile, both to present pictures and stories of members and their engines, and to raise funds.

We'd appreciate hearing from your group on whether you prepare a book of this type, and whether your experiences have been positive or unfavorable.

One book we picked up on a recent trip into Canada was that of the Essex County Steam and Gas Engine Show, held at Southwestern Ontario Heritage Village.

This is a little over 8 x 11 inches, with brown ink on the white cover, which features a 1936 Massey-Harris Pacemaker which members restored. An article about the restoration appears inside.

The 1987 event, August 8-9, was the third annual show for this club, which is young but very energetic. Gerald Vincent is president; Rick Laramie, vice president; Kathy Laramie, secretary-treasurer. Board members are Dan Wiper, Brian Sturdevant, Elwyn Robinson, Bob McCracken, Don Webb, David Bailey and Cliff McGuire. Show committee members for 1987 are Orval McGuire, Bob Labute, Bob Janzen, Jim Alford, Ken Voakes and Rock Jones.

The issue covers 48 pages, with many advertisements. The Case-Eagle story is one of the articles; others tell of restorations and history.

A Wisconsin book comes from the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club, whose show is located at Baraboo. This was the club's 24th show and the silver anniversary is set for next August.

The Badger cover is light blue with black type and gold decoration. It is about the same size as the Essex County book. Many pictures show club and member activities. All members are listed, with hometown address.

Verne Kindschi, well known in the engine field, is Badger president. Other officers are Robert Coates, vice president; James Rick, secretary, and Lowell Opperman, treasurer. Directors are Paul Young, Paul Grotophorst and Gordon Riddle.

This year's Baraboo book is dedicated to Walt Meisel, of Merrimac. Each annual edition has an article on the history of a company that made engines. This year's book has 48 pages.

Another Wisconsin book comes from the Wisconsin Steam Antique Engine Club, whose show is held at Chilton. The book is edited by Ed Westen, and this year's is the fourth.

The 1987 edition includes pictures and information on five other clubs in the state: Dodge County Antique Power Assn. at Beaver Dam; Union Theshermen at Symco; Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Assn. at Valmy; Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Assn. at Sussex, and North Central Wisconsin Steam and Gas Club at Edgar.

Book 4 is also about 8 x 11, with red framing of pictures which are black on white. On the cover are photos of Dan and Rosella Mayer and their Model G John Deere; Alan Masheder and his 1934 Austin Diesel; Kurt Burmeister and his F-20 Farmall; Dennis Kaster and his Eagle; Pete Patek and his Model L John Deee, and Earl Wagner and his gas engines. Two steamers are shown inside the front cover.

Fred and Audrey Reckelberg are president and secretary; Ervin Schmidt, vice president, and John Poch, treasurer.

These and other show catalogs perform a keepsake service while in some cases helping to raise funds-either through ad or single copy sales, or both.

Maps of show grounds are sometimes included, and these help visitors.

As with any club project, it takes determination to bring these books out on time. Usually one person has to ride herd, and sometimes he or she has to be downright mean to force people to bring in their pictures, stories and ads.

If your club publishes a book, send it along. We'll write reviews every so often.