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Route 40, Cowtown, Woodstown, New Jersey08098.

Sometimes even with today's modern conveniences, and the hustle and bustle of every day living, we are exasperated at the slow rate of speed with which things are accomplished. Perhaps it would be a constructive and enjoyable lesson if we could return for a while to Grandpa's day, before electricity was in every home and before we could step on a jet in Philadelphia and be in Los Angeles for lunch.

It might be surprising to find that nestled on the fringes of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. In Salem County, New Jersey there is a place called Grandpa's Farm. Grandpa Farm has been organized as a foundation for the preservation of artifacts and machinery that were used by Grandpa and his family during the 1800's and the very early 1900's.

Located just eight miles east of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Route 40, at Cow town, New Jersey Grandpa's Farm has an extensive collection of cultivating implements, wagons, woodworking tools, a Blacksmith Shop and when it is periodically open to the public it swells to capacity with other machinery, gasoline engines, antique cars, bicycles, etc. that belong to people in the area and are brought in for exhibit and demonstration.

The farm has only been open to the public at intervals during two by Betty Turnbull, Route 40, Cow town, Woodstown, New Jersey 08098 summers and last year there was a display of at least 25 gasoline engines. The public stands entranced to see them functioning so smoothly all at one time. This is one of the fastest growing exhibits.

Joe Dunn of Quinton, New Jersey who has been interested in gasoline engines for a short three years had more than one half dozen engines and Fordson Tractor running and never missing a turn.

One of the rarest engines was put into operation by Richard Swartz and Paul Sullivan both of Aura, New Jersey. For the first time they had a 15 horse Fairbanks, Type Y, semi-diesel running like a clock. The Fairbanks dated between 1915 and 1920 belongs to David Sickler of Woodstown. Weight class of the engine is about 4,000 pounds.

Kenny Moore from Elmer, had at least six model steam engines which he built himself from 'scratch' running with his own boiler. Barry Watson from Vineland, New Jersey was there to proudly show his gasoline engines for the first time.

Ever see 50 or more model airplane engines all in top shape? That can be said of the Paul Daniels Collection. This is just a few of the attractions at the Farm.

Children have a grand time riding either in the runabout or the spring wagon. Bill Simpkins was probably enjoying operating the runabout (a single seated one horse buggy) as much as the people were enjoying the rides. The Spring Wagon was operated by 16 year old Clare Turnbull and drawn by two mules. The old spring wagon was used somewhat like our modern pickup for both pleasure and work.

Norman Kirkbride and Bill Smith had plenty of opportunity to appreciate the more modern equipment used today, after spending the day driving a pair of oxen.

Part of the collections of David Sickler are the old shingle saw, cider press and wood lathe. The lathe has an 8 foot bed and was used to make porch posts and decorations for 'Grandpa's' house.

No date has as yet been set for the spring opening of the Farm, but the usual added attractions in April are the sheep shearing, and baby lambs, calves, pigs, etc. for the children to feed and play with. There are hog killing demonstrations, sausage and pancake breakfasts, ginger cakes and homemade bread. Sometimes there are buffalo roasts, chicken barb-que, and cider making. All these things and many others, plus the aforementioned exhibits combine to make a most enjoyable retreat for a day into the past.

The farm was open for the Salem County Fair held on August 4, 5 and 6,1976. There will be other dates yet to be announced, but for a young two years, 'Grandpa's Farm' has been catapulted into growth by the enthusiastic reception of the public.