Prairie Village Threshing Show

Reeves engine

Miss Karen Lambert, Alternate, Shorthorn Lassie of South Dakota, Don Klinkner, one time youngest steam engineer, and Miss Renee Ralphson, Miss Prairie Village pose behind a big Reeves at Prairie Village. Courtesy of George Klinkner, R. R. 2, Artesion, Sou

George Klinkner

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Artesian, South Dakota 57314

The eighth annual Steam Threshing Jamboree was held August 28, 29, 30 at Prairie Village two miles west of Madison near Lake Herman in South Dakota.

Friday the first day of our show was pretty much rained out except for lumber sawing and the parade. The rain and cool weather held the crowd down in number.

Saturday noon the grain was dry enough to thresh and plowing with steam traction engines was done along with lumber sawing and pulling the Baker fan. The fan is used only to make the engines work. We haven't really pulled the fan for two years now. 450 R.P.M. is the top speed. Our fan is one foot larger than most fans.

Threshers in use were John Buschena 1884 Case agitator, Case 32, 54, Ault-man Taylor 36-58 (wood). John Deere 28, Advance and Keck Gonnerman 32-54.

Steamers in operation were 60 Under-mounted Avery 25-80 reversed, rear-mounted, side crank Nichols and Sheppard, 16-60, double simple rear mounted Nichols and Sheppard. 9 horse, center crank Elcipes, nine horse side crank rear mounted Nichols and Sheppard, 20-60, Advance, 60 horse Aultman Taylor side crank side mount, 30 horse Kitten 20-60 Case, and 32 Cross Compound Reeves. The Avery, Case, and Reeves did the plowing. We have an eight bottom John Deere and a 6 bottom automatic lift Case plow.

Sunday morning started very similar to last year, very clear and warm. Sunday was also Governor Day and Governor Frank Farrar and wife Pat were present. Church services started at 7:00 in the morning and the show started around ten. There were 5 different services. Catholic, nondenominational, a singing group, a Norwegian service, and Lutheran service.

The gas engines again outnumbered the steam better than ten to one. There were seventy gas tractors in the small plow group. The larger gas Tractors were two 20-40 Cases, 35-75 Minneapolis, 30-60 Aultman Taylor two Big 4's, a 30-60, 25-50, 30-60 twin city.

The saw mill was operated by Milton Ayers and son Roger. Roger also ran the Kitten steamer. Several different Steamers pulled the saw along with a variety of gas tractors.

Miniature land was also busy with steamers threshing and sawing wood. There were quite a few steam engines and thresher all showing remarkable workmanship in their construction to the smallest detail.

There were 30 stationary gas engines.

They were grinding feed, buzz sawing wood, drag sawing wood, pumping water and some were just running very slow.

The Schaeffer Belgian Horses were at the Village again. They pulled hay racks, grain wagons, water tanks for the steamers, passenger wagons and plowed.

The Belgian pulled sulky, two gang and a three gang. All the horse plows were John Deere 14' bottoms.

The Village people would like to acknowledge the far away visitors. Mr. and Mrs. William Aebersold of Humbird, Wisconsin, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Blaker of Alvordton, Ohio, and Mr. Frank J. Burris, 35640 Avenue F, Yucaiba, California.