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The 1962 Old Time Thresher Show

This is a picture of sawing with an Enterprise Mill at the 1962 Old Time Thresher Show.

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Daily tains for nearly two weeks before the show, made the show grounds look like a lake rather than a threshing show ground, and some of the early exhibitors felt that they were on a duck hunting trip with the wrong equipment, when they got their first view of the grounds.

Clearing skys gave encouragement and preparations, which were behind schedule began at a rapid pace and extra help was called in. The first day program was cut short because of muddy conditions, while things in general got under way, in style, the second day, and the final day was perfect in every respect, reports indicate that nearly all had a good time.

Buck Spencer, Newton, Kans. with his Model Case Agitator, always draws a good crowd of spectators, powered with Roscoe Jr., a size Case 65, which is an association engine, dedicated to our good friend and Director Roscoe Babbitt, Golden City, Mo. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Williams of Delphos, Ohio furnished a mighty fine selection of wooden Souvineers for interested spectators. While Florence Fleming, Farmington, Ill. had a mighty fine display and furnished many spectators with pioneer items. Mike Cordell, Raymond Pellett, Fort Scott, Directors, Museum items, furnished many items of interest, even though Raymond was very busy with a convention in our City of the Kans. Pre Canceled Stamp Collectors on the same dates.

The Springfield Machinery Co. Springfield, Mo. Distributors of Saw Mill dupplies under the direction of Mr. G. A. Hubbell, set up his personal mill. G. A. (or Gus) who was service manager for the Springfield Machinery Co. for years before his retirement, rebuilt this personal mill of his to his desires for the purpose of demonstrating the saw-mill at steam engine shows, Gus that mill sure done a fine job sawing several hundred ft. of lumber during our show, of course, we feel our 80 HP Case powered it so it could make a good showing.

In addition to the sponsoring of Gus'es Saw-Mill, the Springfield Machinery Co. set up a nice display of saw-mill supplies and passed out hundreds of free souvineers.

Walter Arndt, Noel, Mo. had his Wood Bros. engine on display in full operation, a neat little model, built on a jewelry-mans lathe, however Mr. Arndt offered to pull his engine against any engine on the grounds big or small, using the same steam pressure, (0).

Mr. Everett Pyle, Saint Jacob, Ill. supplied the shingle mill and displayed his 8-16 Mogul Tractor, which was on the road to the Pyle Hobby Shop for restoration, seeing some of Everett's work I know this machine will be a beauty when he gets through with it. In addition to Everett's efforts for these displays, he also MCed the activities of the show, all of which we are very grateful to him, for doing. Everett's efforts to promote our shows in various communities is of great value and can't be over appraised.

Our engines met a stranger this time, a stranger that made them talk, talk long and loud. George F. Bahre, Coulterville, Ill. furnished us with his well constructed (trailer style) fan. George sure incorperated in a mighty fine idea, in building this fan, easy to move and set up.

Slim Withers, Palmyra, Mo.; Claude N. Hazlett, Auxvasse, Mo.; Fred Large and John Goins, Fort Scott; Ernest Daynard, Iola; Francis Sevart, Girard; Montie Stockton, Greenfield, Mo.; H. C. (Slim) Watson, McClouth; F. L. (Doc) Pry, Kansas City; W. B. Sidmore, Topeka; Clinton (Buck) Spencer, Newton; John Beaver, Gravois Mills, Mo.; Raymond Thackrey, Smith Center, together with their helpers, prepared and operated the engines for the steamer action, the fine job which they had done delighted hundreds of spectators.

Ray Travis, Springfield, Mo. and Hurb Blosser, Fort Scott furnished an interesting display with their homemade small Tractors, from the talk they created, this department will increase. The gas engine department of the show, with Leonard Lemmon, Harold Morrell, Bob Miller, and Francis Severt, together with their helpers furnished a mighty fine collection of Gas Engines, appliances and models including a few steam engine models. These boys through their devotion and efforts are building a good following for our show.

John Carlson, Cherokee, had the Bale tie machine and made several bale ties, which we used in baleing our straw. John also acted as parade master, and organized a mighty fine parade. While Sheriff (Cochise) North rip got the Saddle Club and the Sheriff's Posse together consisting of some 50 saddle horses and riders for the parade Drill, races and other saddle horse activities. The Sheriff and his group have been putting on some fine exhibits with their horses and as a result were invited and attended the American Royal at K. C.

Hurchel Duncan, Fort Scott, and his committee (Shetland Pony fans) organized a Shetland Pony pulling match, thinking they might get some eight teams to participate, but to the surprise of all of us they had 32 teams some of which participated in the parade for a nice showing and then put on a real good pulling match, with all ponies having a chance. These ponys thrilled many of the Junior spectators along with several Seniors.

In all it made a mighty fine three ring show from 3 P.M. to quitting time. Steamers in action, threshing, baleing, and sawing, while the saddle horses were performing the ponys were pulling, giving a display of educational -history and action entertainment, and in this manner the 6th Annual Pioneer Harvest Fiesta came to a close.

Though we were handicapped in starting this 6th show, it was one of our most successful, due to the enthusiastic efforts of many. The officers of the Pioneer Harvest Fiesta are of the opinion that it is impossible to find words that will attempt to express an honest appreciation for the efforts of so many who made possible the success of this 6th annual show. We hope any negligence, if and when it occured will be overlooked, or forgiven, and we will have this continued support during the coming shows.