Tennessee-Kentucky Threshermans 1971 Annual Show

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369 S. Harrig St., Madisonville, Ky. 42431.

The 2nd annual show of the Tenn-Ky Thresherman's Assn. was held in Adams, Tenn. (Home of The Bell Witch), July 23rd, 24th and 25th. In the 3 day period more than 7500 people attended and from all indications everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. There were 10 steam engines, 5 large and 5 small ones, all of them at work. There was a 16 H. P. Peerless owned by Dorris Bland, a 19 H. P. Keck-Gonnerman owned by the Payne Bros., a 19 H. P. Keck-Gonnerman owned by Vernon Griffin and Pat Boyles, a 12 H. P. Russell owned by Hub Spencer and a 16-60 H. P. Nichols & Shepard owned by the writer. Of the smaller engines, there was a Garr-Scott owned by Wallace Freeman which pulled a scale Frick sawmill owned by Jim Evans, another small Garr-Scott which pulled a grist mill, both owned by Mr. Evans. A model Nichols & Shepard owned by Earnest Williams pulled a cider mill, a free lance model with a White Steam car engine owned by Mrs. Lorraine Sweeny pulled children and a model portable Case owned by Charley Pence pulled the Baker Fan.

Paul Brien had a scale model 0-6-0 Southern Pacific switcher and cars that he had made which kept him busy hauling the children. It was a pleasure to hear the exhaust of the little engine. She sure had a good square valve motion. There was a 1918 Moline 2-wheel drive tractor owned by Goldie Stewart, an oil pull owned by Wallace Freeman, a Keck-Gonnerman owned by Carl Walling and an F-20 owned by Jim Evans. All of these took turns on the separators and Baker Fan.

Of the separators there was 28 Mc-Cormick-Deering owned by the writer, a 28 Keek-Gonnerman owned by Mode Hampton and a 22 inch Case owned by Edgar Hill. The Kentucky Moonshiners from Cadiz, Ky. were there with their still, mash, etc. that would make you feel single and see double. They put on a good show several times a day. The Moonshiners VS The Revernoors. There was a Teeter-Totter, a yoke of oxen, an old 1914 covered school wagon and some of the prettiest mules ever seen.

Menzie Kemmerling, a Director of the Booneville, Ind. Antique Steam & Gas Engine Club brought his hot-air engine. Several of the fellows from the Booneville Club were there and we appreciate their presence, moral support and help. There were steam stationary engines and a steam-powered sewing machine. Other displays included antique cars, a 1925 Mack truck owned by jack Gray, ingenious agricultural tools, equipment and implements of by-gone days, early American carpenter, mechanical, black-smiting and other tools and implements, pre-electric era house hold furnishings and nostalgic miscelland of the past.

Among those present was Dan L. Kenner, 102 years old who in his time has worn out 7 steam engines and separators in 61 years of threshing. His last engine was a 32 H. P. cross-compound Reeves which was scrapped in the 1950s. He ran one of the engines a little and enjoyed it very much as did the other old Timers. 'It feels good', he said, 'but you forget when it's been so long a time.' Carl Donahoo (former owner) ran the writer's engine. He threshed with it for 35 years until the combines took over. He never thought he would get to thresh with it again. It brought back many memories to him. One time he was going down a long hill with a heavy separator behind him and the pin in the clutch came out and there was a narrow one lane bridge at the foot of the hill. It was just luck that he met no one. I can imagine how he felt going that fast with a heavy engine and separator and no way to stop it.

On Sat. July 24th there was a parade of power with Mr. Everette Pyle as the very able Master of Ceremonies who gave an interesting history of each engine and tractor, their specifications and facts about the different Companies that made them. On Sunday there were Church Services under the big tent and there was gospel singing every night. The show for 1972 will be held on July 21st, 22nd and 23rd at the Bell School grounds in Adams, Tenn. which is 41 miles north of Nashville on U. S. 41 and 7 miles south of Guthrie, Ky. where U. S. 41 and 79 intersect.

Come on and relive the past with us as it was in 'The Golden Age Of Steam.' The Officers of The Assn. for 1972 are E. A. Meggs Promoter, J. C. McMurtry Press, Paul Brien V. Pres., Royce Adkins Sec, Joel Bradley Treas., Board of Directors, Chairman J. O. Walker, Members, B. H. York, Vernon Griffin, E. V. Freedle, Earnest Williams, J. A. Miller, Wallace Freeman and Billy Byrd.