The Mocksville Threshing Reunion & Engine Show

22 HP Keck-Gonnerman

Shown in Robert Lyerly's 22 HP Keck-Gonnerman at the sawmill and in the foreground is Jackie McLaughlin giving rides with the tractor and trailer 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor. Courtesy of Gene McLaughlin, Mocksville, North Carolina 27028.

Gene McLaughlin

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Mocksville, North Carolina 27028

The 16th annual Mocksville threshing reunion & engine show was held on July 4, 1972 on the farm of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lyerly, which is 2 miles Southwest of Mocksville on the Greenhill road.

The large crowd represented several states and included an antique car club which brought 10 nicely restored antique autos. The oldest, about a 1916 Model 'T' Ford and the newest, about a 1936 Buick. The cars were all immaculate.

There were 19 antique gas engines on display & most were nicely restored and running. These were placed under the shade trees so the 'Engineers' could 'cool it', while attending them. The engines on display were brought in by Bill Grimly of Durham, N. C, Bobby Cartner of Woodleaf, N. C, Robert Hammer of Conover, N. C, Robert Varner, of Ashboro, N. C. and Gene L. McLaughlin of Mocksville, N. C.

There were 9 kerosene and gasoline tractors on display. Bobby Cartner had a single cylinder Gibson tractor on display and Earl Seamon and an associate of his had a very nicely restored English Fordson which was running throughout most of the day.

Other exhibitors had on display 2 Fordsons, an 18-28 Hart-Parr, an 18-32 'K' model Case, a WD-40 McCormick-Deering tractor, (Diesel) a 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor, and a 10-20 McCormick Deering tractor. All the tractors were original.

The threshing was carried out by means of Robert Lyerly's 16 h. p. Frick steam traction engine belted to Archie Cline's 28 x 47 Frick threshing machine. Mr. Bob Powell of Mocksville used his big Mac tractor and trailer to haul in (1 load) 3 acres of wheat for this event. This was really a big help to us all.

A good supply of logs were stockpiled beforehand at the sawmill and Robert Lyerly's 22 h. p. Keck-Gonnerman was busy pulling the sawmill all day with numerous sawyers taking their turn at the 'saw-lever'. They turned out a good day's sawing.

A Case 40 h.p. traction engine, also belonging to Mr. Lyerly was used on a shingle mill which saw extensive use during the day. Mr. Lyerly also had on display a well restored Kitten steam traction engine, a very nice Case 22-36 thresher, a large Meadows grist mill and a Baker fan (which makes any of engines chug pretty hard.) Mr. Lyerly also had on display a John Deere grain binder and a McCormick-Deering grain binder besides numerous horse drawn farm implements. He still uses the grain binders in preparing bundled wheat.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers of Antique Acres, S. C. brought a solid tire Model 'T' bus and gave free rides. They also had a fine display of miniature engines.

For the successful conclusion (until next July 4th) of the 16th Annual Mocksville Threshing Reunion & Engine Show, we are indebted to a lot of fine people, who while not having an antique to display, nevertheless worked very hard both in preparation for and during the show to keep the activities going. Some of those are Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Broadway, Mr. and Mrs. William Broadway, Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Broadway, Sonny Kerfees, Mr. and Mrs. Lester West and Johnny Rumage.

Most of the engines, machinery, etc. will remain on Mr. Lyerly's farm awaiting next years show. Refreshments and and food will again be sold on the grounds and the public is cordially invited to attend.