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New Holland, Pa.

'140 attend Banquet held by Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association.'

The third annual banquet of the Rough and Tumble Historical Association was held Saturday night, Nov. 16, 1963 at the Town and Country Inn, Vintage, with 140 persons attending.

Officers were elected as follows: President - Clyde Thomas, R. D. 1, Nottingham, Pa.; First Vice-President - Charles S. Rice, New Holland, Pa.; Second Vice-President - W. E. Teaman, Kinzer, Pa.; Secretary-Treasurer J. Earl Lichty, Kinzer, Pa.; Chaplain Rev. Elmer Ritzman, Enola, Pa.; Assistant Chaplain - Rev. Marlin R. McCleaf, Royersford, Pa.; Solicitor -Samuel S. Wenger, Paradise, Pa.

Directors as follows: Willis H. Hershey, Raymond L. Martin, Merle Newkirk, Samuel C. Osborne, Malcolm Ottinger, L. B. Parker, Martin N. Weaver, Harry R. Wisegarver, C. E. Young, Arthur Kauffman, C. Daniel Brubaker.

A feature of the evening was a display of wood carvings by Robert Treate Hogg, Cream, cabinetmaker.

Awards were given as follows: Harvey Hoffman, Rheems, the most service as a thresherman with 66 years of service. George Coates, Quarry Ville, similar award for the oldest saw miller present with 50 years of service. Robert Bohaty, Centerport, Longlsland, greatest distance traveled, 225 miles.